Tarrus Riley’s ‘She’s Royal’ Celebrates 100 Million YouTube Views

Tarrus Riley’s 2006 hit “She’s Royal” achieved a milestone of 100 million views on YouTube on Wednesday, July 19. The music video was directed by Rupert Campbell and Richard Delapenha and was produced by the legendary saxophonist Dean Fraser for Riley’s “Parables” album on VP Records. Tarrus mentioned in an interview with the Jamaica Observer […]

Dancehall’s Golden Era: The Most Impactful Producers of the ’90s

Dancehall music emerged from the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, in the late 1970s, but it was in the 1990s that the genre truly blossomed, gaining international recognition and captivating audiences around the world. This era, often referred to as the “Golden Era” of dancehall, gave us some of the most memorable rhythms, anthems, and stars. […]