Adidas Honors Reggae Girlz’s World Cup Milestone with Notting Hill Carnival Parade

In collaboration with atHOME, adidas orchestrated a spectacular parade for the Reggae Girlz at the Notting Hill Carnival, commemorating their monumental success in the Women’s World Cup. They’ve etched history as the first Caribbean team to break through the group stage.

Notting Hill Carnival is Europe’s premier showcase of Caribbean culture, pulling in millions to West London every year, enchanted by the music, food, and festivities. This year, the limelight was on the Reggae Girlz, proudly showcasing Jamaica’s soccer triumph on a float adorned with select DJ acts and exclusive gear.

Soccer stars Drew Spence, Vyan Sampson, Becky Spencer, and Jade Bailey translated their on-field zest to the parade, basking in the heartfelt appreciation from enthusiastic fans.

In a pre-Carnival interview with VERSUS, Sampson shared her insights on the World Cup, the essence of homecoming, and the Notting Hill Carnival’s resonance within the Caribbean diaspora. She conveyed, “Home is the people you’re around, saying, ‘No matter where you go, tapping into the people around you, sharing energy – that’s home. Being comfortable no matter where you are with the people you’re surrounded by.’”

For several Reggae Girlz, this Carnival marked a nostalgic return, having missed it for years due to pre-season commitments. When probed about her favorite Carnival moments, Sampson shared, “Being able to let loose and fully embrace the day. I’m a Jamaican, but I like soaking in all different types of culture. It’s all of those different cultures coming together in one day, in one space. That’s what I really love.”

Post-World Cup, the narrative of the Reggae Girlz has become a beacon of inspiration. Jamaica, in the recent four years, has ascended in the soccer world, clinching consecutive World Cup spots and elevating Caribbean soccer’s stature.

Reflecting on the legacy and future trajectory, Sampson emphasized, “To be honest, it’s people embracing the small islands, the Caribbean, and those of African descent. We’ve gone away to this tournament and we’ve shown what we’re capable of while bringing our usual characteristics – being fun, bubbly, and energetic people. I hope that the world welcomes us with open arms, welcomes us into more elite spaces and can hopefully make this a platform that we belong on and are on all the time.”