Alaine and Dexta Daps Stir Excitement with Upcoming Single, ‘See It Yah'”

Alaine and Dexta Daps have joined forces for a fresh track.

Alaine and Dexta Daps have joined forces once again for a new track.

The forthcoming single, titled “See It Yah”, is set for release this Friday. This isn’t the first time the duo has collaborated, as their previous works include Alaine being featured on “Be Good” from Dexta Daps’ debut album “Intro”, and Dexta Daps contributing to Alaine’s 2015 “Ten of Hearts” album on a track titled “Number One”.

The artist known for the hit “Breaking News”, made the exciting announcement on Instagram yesterday, sharing a teaser of what seems to be the music video for their latest collaboration. The post was partially captioned, “…PURE LOVE WE A DEAL WID.”

The announcement has set off a wave of excitement in the comment section, with fans eagerly awaiting the release of the new single.

Despite their history of successful collaborations, Alaine and Dexta Daps have managed to pique interest once more. Adding to the buzz, both artists have updated their profiles with similarly suggestive pictures.