Alkaline Drops Pristine Visuals for ‘Mad Luv

Dancehall star, Alkaline, has gifted fans with a fresh and crisp music video for his track “Mad Luv”, originally released seven months ago. Produced by Autobamb, this track deviates from the typical narrative found in many of today’s dancehall tunes. Instead of catering to the overtly explicit themes that have become common in the genre, Alkaline takes a more heartfelt approach, serenading his audience with promises of all the things he wants to do for his lady.

The video complements the song’s lyrical sentiment beautifully, with minimalistic yet captivating visuals. It features a stunning ‘eye candy’ playing Alkaline’s love interest, encapsulating the simplicity and elegance that this piece brings to the dancehall scene. It’s clear that “Mad Luv” is a love letter to the ladies, and the video perfectly encapsulates its essence.