Bounty Killer Makes Long-Awaited Return to the UK After 15-Year Hiatus

It’s a monumental moment in the dancehall world as the legendary Bounty Killer graced the shores of the United Kingdom for the first time in over a decade. Fans and fellow artists rejoiced as the UK work permit of the iconic entertainer was recently reinstated, paving the way for his triumphant return.

The artist took to Instagram to give his fans a glimpse into his journey. One video showed him confidently striding through the airport, travel documents in hand, while another captured him strolling through what appeared to be the streets of the UK. The anticipation was palpable, as everyone wondered if the “Warlord” would make any stage appearances during his stay.

Bounty Killer’s arrival in the UK was met with an outpouring of support and congratulatory messages from his peers and adoring fans. Dancehall queen Spice couldn’t contain her excitement, commenting, “Den a why mi feel so happy and excited. I wish I was there to see this performance cause none a dem no know the song dem like me. People dead.” The sentiment was echoed by road manager Bankilous, who added, “God is great all the time my brother. Just stay focused and positive and continue to do the great work. London we here. Salute.”

The dancehall community showed their unity as fellow artists like Agent Sasco, Stylo G, Skillibeng, Jahvinci, Cham, and Munga Honourebel, among many others, expressed their love and support for Bounty Killer’s return.

Bounty Killer himself took to Instagram last month to share a photo of what seemed to be the Visa page of his travel document, dubbing the occasion as a “new arising.” In his post, he emphasized his unwavering faith, stating, “New album, new visa, it is a new arising like the Phoenix. So who fi start lose weight, do it now. Unuh said mi couldn’t get back nuh visa but a God in control. Never will I ever bow, stoop, bend nor sell out.”

This momentous return reaffirms his position as an indomitable force in the music industry, serving as a powerful testament to his enduring talent, unwavering dedication, and the steadfast support of his devoted fanbase .