Buju Banton Backs Jamaican Political Party at PNP’s Annual Conference, Sparking Social Media Debate

Buju Banton made headlines after making an appearance at the People’s National Party (PNP) 85th annual conference in Kingston’s National Arena this past Sunday (Sept 17).

Known for his criticisms of the government, Buju seamlessly mingled with the throng of orange-clad supporters, donning an orange tee showcasing his latest album, “Born For Greatness.”

As Buju briefly graced the stage, the audience’s excitement was palpable, especially when he raised his fist in a show of solidarity with the PNP.

However, a video clip of Buju at the PNP event stirred varying emotions on social media. While some called out the famed artist for hypocrisy, others argued that he isn’t the first artist to back politicians.

Later in the day, Dr. Dayton Campbell, the General Secretary for North West St. Ann, posted a photo on his official Instagram, showing Dancehall icon Shaggy sporting an orange cap reading ‘Go with Golding’. The caption read, “It’s not just Buju. Shaggy says the time has come!”

Additionally, Tanya Stephens, another entertainer, has recently voiced her support for Opposition leader, Mark Golding