Buju Banton Reveals Cover Art, Tracklist, and Star-Studded Collaborations for Upcoming Album ‘Born For Greatness’

Grammy award-winning Reggae/Dancehall legend, Buju Banton, has given his fans a tantalizing glimpse into his eagerly-awaited 13th studio album, ‘Born For Greatness’.

This Jamaican luminary took to Instagram on Wednesday to announce the record’s release, scheduled for September 8, 2023.

The social media post also revealed the album’s striking cover art. Banton, resplendent in luxurious gold accessories, and crowned with a commanding chain link headdress, appears to personify the album’s transformative and sovereign theme.

Buju Banton – Born For Greatness Album Cover

In a heartfelt caption alongside the post, Banton expressed profound gratitude and eagerness, stating, “Another milestone, Another stage. I embrace it all. I’ve accepted the change. Here is something special… An ode to those who acknowledge the struggles and challenges that surmount. And others who will, you were born for greatness. I embrace you with love melodies and music.”

The album, ‘Born For Greatness’, will feature 17 tracks, showcasing a dynamic blend of solo ventures and significant collaborations with prominent artists like Victoria Mònét on ‘Body Touching Body’, Stephen Marley on ‘Feel A Way’, and Snoop Dogg on ‘High Life’. Here’s the complete tracklist:

Tracklist 1.Ageless Time 2.Life Choices 3.Born For Greatness 4.Coconut Wata (SIP) 5.Yard and Outta Road 6.Body Touching Body – ft. Victoria Mònét 7.Turn Up Tonight 8.Sweeter 9.Feel A Way – ft. Stephen Marley 10.Plans 11.Nuff Love For You 12.Walked Out 13.We Find A Way 14.My Microphone 15.High Life – ft. Snoop Dogg 16.Trial By Fire 17.Let My People Go

Fans will be able to pre-order the album starting this Friday.

On the cusp of his 50th birthday on July 15, Banton views this project as an auditory chronicle of his life experiences, explaining, “That is what music is. If you have no personal stories, it’s going to be fictitious and bubble gum music… All of my music is personal…”

With a career that spans over thirty years, Banton’s 13th studio album promises to pen another profound chapter in his musical narrative.

His last work, ‘Upside Down 2020’, reached No. 2 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart and later clinched his sixth nomination for the prestigious Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album.