Byron Messia’s “Talibans” Strikes Gold in Canada, Silver in the UK Amidst Controversy

Rising dancehall sensation, Byron Messia, continues to shine on the world stage, letting his work speak for itself and dimming the noise from critics. The singer faced recent backlash over a comment he made about having the biggest international dancehall hit since 2005. The crusade was driven by a seemingly spiteful Instagram influencer who chose to highlight only fragmented segments from a series of posts the artiste made discussing the triumph of Messia’s track “Talibans”. Undeterred by the negative spotlight, Messia expresses gratitude for the outpouring of international adoration.

I must say thanks to God, my fans, my team, and even my haters. Success often breeds envy, especially when achieved young. I’m not shocked by the deceptive tactics some employ. My fans are my world, and discerning minds can distinguish fact from fiction. A massive thanks for propelling ‘Talibans’ to Gold in Canada and Silver in the UK,” Byron Messia passionately shared.
Karl Durrant, Messia’s spokesperson, suggests the soaring success of “Talibans” might herald broader horizons for fellow dancehall talents.

Imagine record labels as musical banks. When a dancehall track posts impressive sales, it smoothens the path for others to ink deals with major labels. It’s a simple logic, making it baffling to see certain local music commentators get swayed by financial incentives to hamper Byron’s ascent. To those in dancehall attempting to stifle Byron, it’s self-sabotage. The age-old wisdom rings true – unity is power, and collaboration is the future. Yet, some remain wilfully ignorant and envious,” Karl Durrant expressed.

In the midst of this whirlwind, Byron Messia remains occupied with a packed tour itinerary and the promotion of his upcoming track “Mad Dawgs”. Fans can also eagerly anticipate his collaborations with renowned international artists Chris Brown and Sean Kingston.