Clarks Originals Celebrates Jamaica’s Dancehall Legacy with New Collection

For decades, Jamaica’s dancehall scene has not only been a melting pot of rhythms and rhapsodies but also a veritable runway for some of the world’s most iconic fashion staples. Among them, one name stands tall – Clarks. The love affair between Clarks and dancehall dates back to the early days of the genre, and now, Clarks Originals is reigniting that flame with its new Dancehall collection, a vibrant tribute to Jamaica’s rich culture.

Unveiled recently, this collection introduces six novel styles, each echoing the charisma and vivacity of the Caribbean nation. Drawing inspiration from Jamaica’s undying affection for the brand’s footwear, Clarks Originals has infused its classic Wallabee and Wallabee Boot silhouettes with bold splashes of green, blush pink, and mesmerizing blue. These shades, resonating with the ebullient spirit of the Caribbean, breathe fresh life into these iconic designs.

Not to be overshadowed, the Desert Trek and Desert Boot have also undergone a makeover. Crafted with premium suede, they bear tonal embroidered stripes, an elegant homage to the pinstriped attire once donned by dancehall aficionados in yesteryears’ photographs. And true to the Clarks Originals tradition, each design sits proudly atop the brand’s hallmark pebble crepe soles, an enduring testament to both comfort and resilience.

The Dancehall collection’s release would be remiss without mentioning the genre’s stalwarts who championed Clarks on the global stage. The indomitable Vybz Kartel immortalized this brand-love in his chart-topping hit, “Clarks.” This anthem, reverberating through dancehalls worldwide, not only celebrated the footwear but also underscored the profound connection between the brand and the movement.

For those keen on owning a piece of this unique symbiosis between footwear and music, the Dancehall collection is now available for purchase on,,,, and select retailers globally. Celebrate the rhythm, the style, and the legacy of dancehall with Clarks Originals.