Dancehall Legend Tiger Mysteriously Vanishes: Family Appeals for Help

The relatives of renowned dancehall figure Tiger are expressing deep concerns for his health and safety after he unexpectedly left his residence in St Andrew and hasn’t been seen for four days.

“He often walks to the studio, but it’s puzzling that he left and hasn’t returned. My daughter, currently abroad, was alerted by a TikTok video featuring him. I’m unfamiliar with anyone in Greenwich Farm, and I plan to approach the police for help,” conveyed Tiger’s daughter, Rhialty Check.

Tiger, known for his Wanga Gut tunes, was officially marked as missing this past Tuesday evening. There’s speculation within the family that he might be staying with a household in the Greenwich Farm vicinity, though it remains unconfirmed.

Clearly distressed, Rhialty Check, also a deejay, shared her anxiety since his disappearance. “After settling him in bed on Monday, he was gone by morning. His absence was reported to the Matilda’s Corner police the next day. It’s the fourth day, and he’s presumably still in the same attire. I’m truly alarmed about his condition, not knowing if he’s fed or taken care of. It’s heartbreaking.”

She also brought attention to a TikTok video in which individuals appear to be soliciting financial help on Tiger’s behalf. The video, she believes, misrepresents the artist’s mental health, and she desires its removal. “My daughter reached out to the individual behind that TikTok video, seeking its deletion. Its portrayal is causing misunderstandings, implying he’s mentally unstable,” she emphasized.

A few years back, to aid Tiger, who had a couple of minor strokes, one in 2021, his family established the Real Helping Hands fund.

Aged 61, Tiger, famed for classics like ‘When’ and ‘No Puppy Love’, has faced health challenges stemming from two strokes and the aftermath of a severe car crash in 1994. His real name is Norman Washington Jackson.