Dancehall Queen Spice to Receive ‘Key to the Region’ Honor in South Florida Celebration

Dancehall Royalty, singer-songwriter Spice, is set to receive a prestigious honor in South Florida next month.

Supported by the Consul General of Jamaica, Oliver Mair, and 15 other South Florida elected officials, Vice Mayor Marlon D Bolton of the City of Tamarac will present the Grammy-nominated artist with a special award on May 5 at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Hotel North.

In a press statement, Spice expressed her gratitude, saying, “I am deeply honored to be presented with the Key to the Region of Florida by Vice Mayor Bolton. Throughout my career, spreading the vibrant Jamaican culture worldwide has been of utmost importance to me. I’ve visited Florida on numerous occasions, and it has become a second home. I am thrilled to witness our culture being recognized and valued. Thank you.”

Nearly seven years ago, Vice Mayor Bolton became Tamarac City Commission’s first black elected official, as well as its first Jamaican. Since then, he has endeavored to share his culture with the South Florida community. This year, he will recognize Spice’s contributions to music and entertainment by presenting her with “The Key to the Region,” a collection of keys from South Florida’s most influential leaders.

Spice has consistently supported women’s rights and empowerment through her music and activism. Her lyrics celebrate female strength and resilience, unapologetically advocating for female empowerment. Additionally, she founded the ‘Grace Hamilton Women’s Empowerment Foundation,’ which aims to empower women from all backgrounds by offering resources such as scholarships and mentorship opportunities. Through this foundation, Spice establishes a global platform where women are acknowledged for their strength and beauty.

To date, Spice has released two full-length albums: 2021’s “10” and 2022’s “Emancipated.” Her popular tracks include “Jim Screechy,” the dance floor hit “Wine and Go Down Deh,” and “Fight Ova Man.”

The event’s lineup features comedian Julie Mango, violist Steven Avi, saxophonist Corey Jones, and magician Vladi Lukan. Minister of Foreign Affairs Kamina Johnson Smith is slated to give the keynote address.

Proceeds from the evening will be donated to the Broward Vision PAC.