Dancehall Superstar Sean Paul Aims to Connect Dancehall and Reggaeton Markets with Latest Track ‘Dem Time Deh’ Featuring Manuel Turizo

On a recent episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Grammy-winning artist Sean Paul delved into his latest musical venture, the single “Dem Time Deh” featuring Manuel Turizo. This track, now available on various music platforms, is not just another addition to his extensive repertoire. It stands as a significant effort to blend dancehall reggae and reggaeton, two vibrant musical genres.

The heart of the interview centered on “Dem Time Deh.” Sean Paul explained that the title means “back in the day,” a phrase resonating with nostalgic overtones. The collaboration with Manuel Turizo, a younger artist from the reggaeton scene, symbolizes a generational and cultural bridging. Sean Paul described how the song reminisces about the prime of his early career, appealing to a broad spectrum of listeners and seamlessly connecting different musical eras.

Sean Paul’s most compelling point was his initiative to merge reggaeton and dancehall music. He acknowledged the linguistic barriers between Jamaica and regions where reggaeton is predominant, like Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba. However, he firmly believes in music as a universal language. His collaboration with Turizo exemplifies this philosophy, showcasing how music can transcend cultural and language divides.

During the interview, Sean Paul also shared an endearing story about the universal impact of music. He recounted how his mother found motivation and joy in a mundane task through a song by Kelly Clarkson, illustrating how music unites and inspires in everyday moments.

Sean Paul’s appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” highlighted his efforts in fusing dancehall reggae with reggaeton, underscoring music’s powerful role in bridging cultural divides.