Devin Di Dakta & The Power of Musical Ownership: A Dancehall Lesson

In an era where musicians make pennies on the dollar for streams and where the industry often benefits more than the creators themselves, Devin Di Dakta’s recent proclamation on his “X” platform page – formerly known as Twitter – serves as a stark reminder of the significance of ownership within the music realm.

The Dancehall artist, who’s been a distinctive voice since his eruption into the limelight with the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall win in 2015, made an emphatic declaration regarding the importance of artists maintaining ownership of their music. The basis? The idea that true longevity and financial stability in the music industry might not necessarily come from always having the hottest track on the airwaves, but rather from the power and autonomy that ownership grants.

In the words of Devin himself, “OWNERSHIP” is the answer to survival without constantly topping charts. It’s a pertinent observation, especially when one considers the current structure of music streaming platforms and the rather minuscule amount artists earn per stream. Owning one’s music means every time it’s played, artists earn a direct revenue.

However, this ethos doesn’t come without its challenges. As Devin points out, his staunch belief in maintaining ownership deterred many producers from collaborating. The ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, saturated with young, eager talents willing to sign away their rights for a chance at fame, often makes such a stance difficult. But Devin’s words offer a candid insight: “I don’t need any of them and I’ll still be able to eat.”

Indeed, there’s a broader lesson embedded in Devin’s declaration. While it’s easy to be swept away by the glamour of immediate success and chart-topping hits, longevity and consistent revenue in the music business might stem more from strategic decisions about ownership.

And Devin Di Dakta is no stranger to making strategic moves. Despite not always commanding the top spot on the charts, his commitment to his artistry and his fans has garnered him a dedicated following. His music resonates, not because of flashy marketing campaigns, but because of its authenticity and the genuine connection he fosters with his audience. This rapport was echoed in his recent message, “THANKS to my listeners!!! A just me and unu a do this!

While the goal of “$100 Billion USD” might be a lofty ambition, it underlines a critical mindset. It’s not just about wealth in terms of money, but wealth in terms of freedom, autonomy, and staying true to oneself and one’s art.

For upcoming artists in Dancehall and beyond, Devin Di Dakta’s stance provides food for thought. In a world of fleeting viral hits and ephemeral fame, perhaps the most sustainable path forward is one grounded in the tenets of ownership and true connection with one’s audience.

And as for music enthusiasts? Devin has dropped a new song on all platforms, continuing his journey of authentic musical expression.