Dezigner Muzic Teams Up with Bounty Killer to Spotlight Poverty in Vibrant New Track

Romeo Williams, known by his stage name Dezigner Muzic, is no newcomer to the music scene. As a rising star in the dancehall arena, the artist is beginning to leave his mark, delivering tracks that not only entertain but leave a resounding message. The former member of Charmsqwad and a Digicel Rising Star contender, Dezigner Muzic has taken his solo journey by storm, perfecting his craft and delivering exceptional music to his growing fanbase.

In 2022, the dancehall artist created a sensation with his compelling single “Easy Squeeze.” This track, produced under the auspices of Badslave Empire, marked a significant milestone in his career, establishing him as a notable voice in the dancehall genre.

Now, in 2023, Dezigner Muzic is back in the limelight with his newest release, a collaborative piece titled “Poverty A War,” with the renowned Bounty Killer. The concept for the track began as a solo project, but after catching the attention of Bounty Killer through a mutual acquaintance, it quickly evolved into a remix that showcases a harmonious blend of both artists’ talents. The song has rapidly gained traction within the dancehall community, showcasing its power to touch hearts and minds.

The poignant song is a battle cry against poverty, a concept Dezigner Muzic feels passionately about. “Poverty has wreaked havoc on people’s lives for far too long,” he shares. Known affectionately as the “Poor People Governor,” Bounty Killer’s inclusion in the track is a fitting choice. Dezigner Muzic elaborates, “Bounty Killer has always stood up for the underprivileged. Having him on this project not only amplifies the message but also acts as a significant endorsement for me as an artist.”

Looking to the future, Dezigner Muzic has announced plans for an official music video for “Poverty A War,” set to be released in the coming week, with more exciting projects to follow.

Fans first got a glimpse of Dezigner Muzic’s unique style in 2018 with his debut EP, “Public Secret,” released under Badslave Empire Records. Featuring a diverse range of reggae and dancehall tracks, the seven-song set used personal experiences, historical context, and astute lyricism to create a remarkable collection of songs. Distributed by CD Baby, this debut served as a vibrant introduction to Dezigner Muzic’s sound and storytelling ability.