DJ Freddy Browne Touches Down in Jamaica for the Grand Revival of the Legendary Brand New Machine Party!

DJ Freddy Browne Touches Down in Jamaica for the Grand Revival of the Legendary Brand New Machine Party!

It’s big, it’s back, and it’s about to blow Kingston away! The Brand New Machine party series is gearing up for its epic return on September 9, 2023, at Holy Smokes, with none other than international sensation Freddy Browne taking the helm. But wait, Mad A Road fam, there’s a lot more brewing behind the decks.

Freddy, in his candid chat, spilled, “Being in Jamaica isn’t just about BNM; it’s about the love for the musical pulse of this island. And yes, BNM tops my reasons for being here and the energy? It’s just unmatched!” The DJ’s plans include jamming with Irie Souljah, and there’s even a hint of collaboration magic with the enchanting Annaleax. Freddy said, “I’m super stoked to get Irie Souljah on a few tracks. Plus, I’ve got my eyes set on some collaborative magic with Annaleax and other vocal talents here.”

A quick dive into Freddy’s past reveals his genuine love for Jamaica. Remember that addictive ‘Everybody Feel Nice (Skank & Move)’? Yes, the one that rocked more than 400,000 YouTube views. That’s Freddy teaming up with Devin Di Dakta. And then there’s ‘Fry Eye’ with Andre Fennell, which is getting crazy love especially from our 420 friends in Cali. Oh, and who can forget the rhythm-packed ‘All Falls Down’ alongside the legend, Shaggy?

While Jamaica is set to enjoy Freddy’s vibes, this is just his first Caribbean stop. “After Jamaica, it’s a whirlwind tour starting with a bang in the Cayman Islands,” Freddy revealed.

Now, let’s talk about Brand New Machine: Return of the Machine. Steve Urchin, the brain behind this iconic series, believes it’s more than just a party; it’s a movement. Reflecting on its roots, he mentioned, “The legacy of BNM from Kingston to NYC is undeniable. Fans have been begging for its return, and it’s time to light that fire again.”

Promising an unparalleled experience, the night aims to blur genre boundaries, blending the electrifying EDM with the soulful Afrohouse. This is storytelling through music. With big names like DJ Anash and Tonio joining Freddy, the stage is set for a historic night. And, adding to the ambiance, we have Le_cognito from “Can-D” of Cayman Montreal, all set to blend futuristic visuals into the musical mix.

So, to our Mad A Road family, if you’re all about the party, the beats, and those vibes that only Kingston can offer, The Return of the Machine is your jam. Be there or hear about it!

Stay Mad A Road and keep the vibes flowing!