Early Morning Assault on Jahshii’s Vehicle Leaves Six Wounded; Artist Unhurt and Under Investigation for Unrelated Murder Case

Early Friday morning, a vehicle carrying dancehall artist Jahshii was assaulted by armed individuals, leaving six of the singer’s crew injured, according to police confirmation. The artist escaped the incident without harm.

The attack occurred around 4:15 am when Jahshii and his group were leaving Marketplace on Constant Spring Road. Men on bikes suddenly approached and fired shots at the vehicle. While Jahshii successfully evaded the attackers unscathed, six others suffered gunshot wounds. Despite the frightening nature of the event, none of the injuries were deemed serious, with all victims receiving treatment at a nearby hospital, according to the Senior Superintendent of St Andrew Central Police Division.

The artist has been a subject of interest in the media ever since his involvement in an ongoing murder investigation became public knowledge.

Earlier in June, law enforcement showed a desire to converse with Jahshii regarding the murder of 45-year-old businessman Omar ‘Romie’ Wright. Authorities believe that the artist may hold crucial information about Wright’s death.

Jahshii, accompanied by his lawyers, Peter Champagnie and Richard Lynch, voluntarily surrendered to the police. He underwent questioning about the June 7 murder, after which he was released. Jahshii’s attorney, Peter Champagnie, has persistently asserted his client’s innocence.

As of now, police have not made any arrests related to Wright’s murder. Wright’s life was abruptly ended by unidentified armed individuals on Shortwood Road around 10:40pm on June 7.

Gossip circles speculate a possible connection between Jahshii, born Mluleki Tafari Clarke, and the murder following an alleged altercation between Wright and Jahshii’s mother, who runs a local wholesale business. Rumors suggest that Wright disrespected Jahshii’s mother, which led to a heated argument with Jahshii, and Wright was shot dead a few hours later.

However, in an earlier interview with a local news outlet, Jahshii’s mother, Lorna Henry, categorically denied any clash between herself and Wright. She insisted that both families have maintained a harmonious relationship and refuted the implications that her son had any involvement in Wright’s death, framing it as a scheme to sabotage Jahshii’s thriving music career.

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