F*ck Sean Paul,’ Rapper Lil Yachty Explains Beef With Sean Paul

In the latest episode of “A Safe Place,” Lil Yachty’s podcast co-hosted with MitchGoneMad, the rapper didn’t hold back on expressing his displeasure with dancehall legend Sean Paul.

On the Full Send podcast series, which recently kicked off with an episode appropriately titled “The Art of Hate,” Yachty and Mitch delved into the uncomfortable territory of the music industry’s transient nature and the inevitable topic of artists who have, arguably, undeservingly lost their spotlight.

“There are artists out there who shouldn’t have faded away…like,” Mitch pondered before quoting a few lines from Sean Paul’s 2002 mega-hit “Gimme the Light”, followed by “And what about Shaggy?”

Yachty, quick to correct his co-host, retorted, “Nobody ever said Sean Paul faded away, they just ceased creating music. I don’t believe they’re still putting out tunes… And while we’re on the subject, I’ve got no love for Sean Paul. I want to underline that, I have no time for Sean Paul. He once threw shade at me during a radio interview.”

The radio interview Yachty refers to dates back to 2016, when Paul appeared on The Breakfast Club and scrutinized the newest generation of rappers, seemingly disinterested in respecting the roots of hip-hop. This interview hit the airwaves shortly after Yachty admitted he couldn’t list five songs by Tupac or the Notorious B.I.G., sparking a wildfire of controversy.

Paul, on the younger crop of rappers, said, “If talent was the true deciding factor in the hip-hop scene, you wouldn’t see these youngsters, the likes of Lil Yachty, making waves. As for his music, I don’t know much, but his comments leave a bad taste. These artists he dismissed are those I hold in high esteem. I comprehend that the newer generation may not value lyricism or know the genesis of hip-hop, but…”

Mitch, echoing Yachty’s sentiments, added: “Forget him. But I can’t deny he did produce some fiery tracks.”