Frenchie Productions Drops Inspirational New Single ‘Stronger’ with Skram Bam

Frenchie Productions’ latest single, “Stronger“, a collaboration with the talented Skram Bam is already creating waves in the musical. Known for his unique blend of entertaining musical compositions, Winston Watson, the mastermind behind Frenchie Productions, continues to shine with this new release.

Described by Watson as a motivational anthem, “Stronger” aims to uplift and inspire resilience through hard work, prayer, and determination. “This song is about overcoming adversity, a message that’s both powerful and necessary,” Watson shares. “In a world filled with negative narratives, it’s essential to foster positivity through our music.

Watson is on a mission to infuse the Jamaican music scene with positive vibes and a professional ethos. He believes that while reggae is a global phenomenon, its full potential remains untapped due to limited thematic choices and a lack of dedication to craft. “Reggae music is more than just a genre; it’s a global brand that we’re not fully exploiting. By focusing on creating high-quality, globally appealing content, we can elevate reggae to unprecedented levels,” Watson asserts.

Frenchie Productions, led by Watson, a seasoned producer and business mogul, has a rich history of collaborating with a wide array of artists, from Bugle and Shane O to Ozarii and, most recently, Skram Bam. As “Stronger” continues to gain momentum, both Frenchie Productions and Skram Bam are dedicated to promoting this track, which promises to be a beacon of hope and strength for listeners worldwide. LISTEN HERE: