Buju Banton and Snoop Dogg Unite for a Spirited Cannabis Anthem ‘High Life’ Dropping at Midnight

As 4/20 rolls around, there couldn’t be a more fitting time for a fresh collaboration between dancehall icon Buju Banton and rap legend Snoop Dogg, centered around the enchanting allure of cannabis, fittingly titled, “High Life.”

The laid-back, upbeat, and horn-infused melody explores “how innate consciousness and connection is to the sacred herbs,” Banton shares with Rolling Stone via email. “Not just from a feel-good standpoint, but also on a spiritual level. Our goal was to honor that sacrament.” The two artists achieve just that, while still injecting some playful elements, like when Snoop Dogg rhymes, “Pass me chalice/Real ganja baby inside Buckingham Palace.”

“High Life” is scheduled for an official release tonight at midnight, with a teaser available below. This track signifies the first collaboration between Banton and Snoop Dogg, with the former praising the latter’s versatility, “What I respect about Snoop’s approach to his work is his constant ability to reinvent and broaden his mass appeal. Merging our styles on this track was an incredible accomplishment. We achieved the unimaginable using the most nonconventional means.”