How Two Kingston-Based Producers Landed Valiant, Skillibeng, and Kraff for the ‘Real Estate’ Track

Kingston-based producers Digi Doran and Gutty Bling managed to bring together three of dancehall’s hottest young talents, Valiant, Skillibeng, and Kraff, on their collaborative track, “Real Estate.”

Digi Doran, the key figure behind Digital Productionz, explained that the song encapsulates the concept of real estate investment and wealth generation, designed to inspire listeners. The music video for the track has already surpassed one million views on YouTube, demonstrating its wide appeal since its release.

This successful track represents the inaugural collaboration between Digi Doran, also known as Jake Doran, and Gutty Bling, born Hugh Ho-Young. The process of assembling these three prominent dancehall artists on a single track involved strategic maneuvers from both producers.

Doran made use of his existing industry connections to approach Valiant and Kraff. “I was able to establish contact with Valiant and Kraff thanks to my past relationships with them,” he stated. Meanwhile, Gutty Bling capitalized on his existing rapport with Skillibeng, established through earlier successful tracks like Brick Pon Brick, 50 Bag, and Bin Laden.

With a history of successful releases including Jahvillani’s Made In Jamaica, Teejay’s Make It Out, and Silk Boss’ Trust, Digi Doran partnered with Gutty Bling, who has been at the helm of Claims Records for over a decade. Their combined efforts culminated in “Real Estate,” which has been making waves since its release.

According to Gutty Bling, the track has received significant positive feedback. “It’s been a hit on TikTok within the construction and home building circles and has a wide reach, being played everywhere from Boom Sundays locally to the U.S. and Japan.”

The producers, both known for their method of organically creating beats and matching them with fitting artists, indicated future collaborations. They revealed plans for projects with Laa Lee, reflecting their ongoing commitment to blending their distinctive production styles with the finest talent in the dancehall scene.