Iconic Hits of the 80s: Rolling Stone’s Best Songs List Features Black Uhuru, Steel Pulse, and Grace Jones

In a nostalgic nod to the vibrant 80s music scene, Rolling Stone Magazine has released its much-anticipated list of the 200 best songs of the decade, featuring legendary reggae artists alongside mainstream icons. Black Uhuru’s poignant track “Youth of Eglinton” clinched the 89th spot, a testament to Mykal Rose’s emotive songwriting spurred by personal loss and societal turmoil. The album “Red,” from which the song hails, remains a reggae masterpiece.

British reggae band Steel Pulse’s uplifting “Chant a Psalm” also secured a place on the list at #178, highlighting the band’s influential role in the genre during a tumultuous era. The song is a beacon of hope from their album “True Democracy,” released amidst personal and political strife.

Grace Jones, the multifaceted Jamaican talent, shines at #19 with “Nipple to the Bottle,” a pulsating hit from her album “Living My Life.” Jones’ collaboration with Sly and Robbie forged a track that resonated on dance floors worldwide.

This vibrant list also celebrates other iconic tracks of the era, such as Prince’s “Kiss” at #1, Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” at #4, and Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” at #6, showcasing the diverse and dynamic nature of 80s music.