Jahshii Drops Video For New Track “God’s Plan,”

Dancehall sensation Jahshii has joined forces with producer Troublemekka to release their new track, “God’s Plan,” on April 6.

In a recent interview with the Observer, Jahshii shared his enthusiasm for the project, stating,”From the start, the creation of the song was a different energy; the vibe and the lyrics. You can feel the powers in the song, but the title really has a lot to do with it,”

“God’s Plan” marks Jahshii’s first individual release of the year, following his chart-topping collaboration “Pieces” with fellow artist Masicka.

As implied by its title, the track delves into following a higher purpose, reflecting Jahshii’s personal choice to temporarily withdraw from the limelight for self-reflection and introspection.

Producer Dominic “Troublemekka” McDonald was the one who initially proposed the concept for “God’s Plan” to Jahshii. Troublemekka explained, “When I was contacted to collaborate with him [Jahshii], I deliberately sat down and developed this idea.”

He added, “I was confident that it would be something exceptional for him and would resonate on a deeper level. When I played it for him, he instantly knew it was the one, saying ‘This is it’ within the first 10 seconds, and immediately got to work on it.