Jahvillani and Whispa Di Minista Goes to Work on “9 to 5”

The dancehall scene is buzzing with the magnetic collaboration between dancehall heavyweight Jahvillani and the emerging sensation, Whispa Di Minista. Their latest track, “9 to 5”, is creating ripples across the airwaves and social media platforms, promising to be the next trap dancehall anthem.

Produced by the talented minds at Nah Change Entertainment, “9 to 5” is already set on the trajectory of becoming a crowd favourite. An enthusiastic Whispa Di Minista, shared, “Jahvillani is a genuine artiste, and when two passionate artistes come together, it’s all about respect. I genuinely believe this song has the magic to go big. So, with my team, we’re laying down the foundation to push it right to the top – yuh zimmie?”

Jahvillani, fresh from a show-stopping act at Reggae Sumfest 2023, has been a crucial figure in the ascent of stars like Pablo YG. His reputation for mentoring and collaborating has been a significant force in the industry. This collaboration only solidifies his commitment to elevating dancehall talent and music.

Danelle Foster of Nah Change Entertainment, the maestro behind the production, couldn’t help but express her delight over the recording experience. “Crafting a song with a room packed with sheer talent that truly respects each other’s artistry? That’s a recipe for a hit. The entire session was charged with the right vibes. We’re now gearing up to etch ‘9 to 5’ into dancehall’s hall of fame,” she confidently noted.

We can see there is much more in the arsenal of Valiant’s former ghost writer who recently told his truth about bringing the artiste into the dancehall spotlight on Shelly Curran’s popular Youtube show Tea Time with Shelly Curran.

For all the dancehall aficionados out there, “9 to 5” awaits your ears on all major digital platforms. Dive in and experience the electrifying partnership of Jahvillani and Whispa Di Minista.

Check Out the audio here: