Lady Saw Criticizes the ‘Dollies’: Says Dancehall Artists with BBLs ‘Look Like Donkeys’

Former dancehall star, now Christian Minister, Marion Hall – once popularly known as Lady Saw – has yet again stirred controversy with her candid views. During her recent Sunday sermon, Hall made headlines for her critical stance on women opting for cosmetic enhancements.

Marion Hall, renowned for her unabashed opinions both in her musical and religious avatars, didn’t mince words when describing women who have undergone Brazilian Butt Lifts or other procedures. “She put on battam and she look like a donkey. Like you pad the donkey too much. And the donkey just a draw so. And people look like that and think it look good, it don’t look good,” said Hall.

Hall emphasized that these women often lack genuine confidants who’d tell them the truth about their post-surgery appearances. “You look uncomfortable, you look like yuh refurbish, like a man come refurbish your place and it nuh done good it don’t look good, him just mess it up, that’s how you look and people fi talk the truth, it don’t look good. With all the lips looking like the bees sting you all over yuh face, you nuh look good. You chest, you breasts them tough like stone rock! What’s wrong wid you?” she passionately inquired.

Further underlining her boldness, she added, “And nobody talking the truth because them fraid ah you. I’m not afraid. I am telling you it don’t look good. The donkey pad up, it need to reduce.”

The timing of her outspoken comments has caused some to speculate about their intended target, with dancehall artist Spice’s recent surgical revelations leading the list of potential subjects. While Spice originally mentioned a hernia as the reason for her surgery in the Dominican Republic, further details showed complications like sepsis which demanded emergency procedures. Revealed scars from the operation have further fueled fan discussions.

Despite the buzz, Spice has refrained from addressing Hall’s critiques and continues her transparency about her medical journey. On the flip side, many of Spice’s fans are vocalizing their views on social media, echoing their support for the artist in light of Hall’s sermon.