Mad Re:VIEW: Nadg’s ‘We A Run E Grung (Remix)’ Video Strikes Dancehall Gold, Clocking Over 550k Views in Just 4 Weeks

In the illustrious canon of dancehall hits, few have skyrocketed in popularity like Nadg’s TikTok-fueled sensation ‘We A Run E Grung (Remix).’ The much-anticipated music video for this electrifying track premiered on June 1, and it is every bit as vibrant and engaging as the song itself. Impressively, it has garnered over 550k views organically in just four weeks, attesting to the song’s infectious spirit and the visual spectacle this video offers.

The success of the video is a testament to the talents of Acroscopic Studios’ visionary Rickroy Williams, who directed and produced the video, and of course, to Nadg’s magnetic presence as an artist. Shot on location in Waterhouse, Jamaica, the video is an exhilarating exploration of the dancehall culture. It unapologetically pays homage to its roots, with its pulsating rhythm reverberating against the bustling streets and alleyways that shape the heart of the genre.

Williams’ knack for storytelling comes to the fore, as he masterfully weaves the city’s inner streets’ cinematic depiction into the track’s powerful and energetic rhythm. The gritty urban backdrop, combined with Nadg’s raw vocals, transports viewers to the heart of the streets of Kingston, adding an authentic edge that enhances the song’s vigor.

As the video unfolds, we are introduced to the very fabric of dancehall culture. It’s a vibrant tapestry woven with elements such as street dancers, food vendors, and street fashion that mirror the genre’s kaleidoscopic nature. Notably, the video boasts appearances from popular local dancers like Pata Skeng, Snow, Sara Bendii, Energy, Expensive, and Monster Boss. Their infectious energy and pulsating dance moves are an absolute visual treat, capturing the essence of the dancehall dance scene.

The star of the video, of course, is the ‘We A Run E Grung’ dance move itself. Featured throughout the video, it serves as a physical testament to the song’s overwhelming reach and popularity. It’s a beautiful depiction of how music and movement can become intrinsically intertwined, creating an infectious synergy that captivates viewers.

Nadg’s performance, as expected, is nothing short of brilliant. He navigates through the bustling energy of the video with an effortless charisma, his potent lyrical prowess perfectly matching the video’s raw aesthetics. His connection to his roots in Waterhouse is palpable, lending the video an added layer of authenticity.

Overall, ‘We A Run E Grung (Remix)’ is a vibrant visual celebration that perfectly encapsulates the infectious energy and dynamism of dancehall culture. From the energetic street scenes to the vivacious dance routines, every element of the video works in harmony to create a viewing experience as captivating as the song itself. We rate the video 9.5/10, as it successfully elevates the song to a new level, offering viewers an authentic glimpse into the world that inspired this global hit.