Mad Re:VIEW: Spice Asserts Her Reign in Enthralling ‘Queen of the Dancehall’ Music Video

Spice’s “Queen of the Dancehall” is a powerful and enthralling music video highlighting the prowess, skill, and charisma of one of Jamaica’s most influential female dancehall artists. Spice establishes her reign as the undisputed Queen of the dancehall genre with an infectious beat and self-assured lyrics.

The production team, including Phoenix Reign Entertainment, JA Films, director BlingBlang, and video editor Anton Anderson, brilliantly showcases Spice amidst various symbols of royalty in the official video released on Wednesday. From the iconic throne set to the all-female dance crew and the diverse cultural thrones occupied by Spice, the video radiates confidence and pays homage to the power of women in the dancehall world. The breathtaking visuals feature vivid colours, complex dance choreography, and various captivating scenes. Spice’s fashion choices are audacious and fashionable, mirroring her commanding presence and uniqueness.

Welcome to Dancehall in Jamaica! Batty rider, mesh marina, big gold chain, and mi chopperita … Queen of Dancehall mi back up in yah … Diamond socks, big up every Skanka. Weed a crush up in a palm with five finger, magnum in a mi hand with mi hair bright colour,” she sings.

The comprehensive dancehall scene is the crowning glory of the ‘Queen of the Dancehall’ video. The dynamic choreography complements the song’s upbeat tempo, enhancing the video’s overall appeal. A standout aspect of the video is the larger-than-life skankas on the streets of Kingston, with appearances by the legendary Shelly Belly, Energy, and the Get There Squad.

Throughout the video, Spice delivers a spellbinding performance, allowing her genuine passion for dancehall music and her undeniable talent to shine through, captivating viewers.

Queen of the Dancehall” is a victorious music video that solidifies Spice’s position as a leading figure in dancehall music. We rate the video 9/10, as the combination of remarkable visuals, ingenious concepts, extraordinary performances, and Spice’s indisputable talent make this video a must-watch for dancehall enthusiasts and music lovers alike.