Masicka On ‘Pieces’ Documentary , Championing Black Women in ‘Angels Don’t Cry’ and Elevating His Family from Ghetto to Glory

Dancehall star Masicka, after signing with Def Jam and releasing “Generation of Kings” last December, shares his artistic growth, live performances, and aspirations in a revealing interview with Edition Modern Luxury magazine. He discusses his evolution from “438” to his latest album, emphasizing a matured, focused approach. Masicka’s journey from reluctance to embrace live performances to mastering them demonstrates his commitment to his craft and audience. He aims to leave a legacy that not only makes his family proud but also lays a path for future generations.

A significant part of the interview addresses the song “Angels Don’t Cry,” highlighting Masicka’s appreciation for Black women:

Question: “Another song I want to talk about is “Angels Don’t Cry”. I appreciate that you take the time to uplift and celebrate us Black women.”

Answer: “First and foremost, my mom is a Black woman and mi grandma is one of mi favorite person on earth. So my love for Black women is different. Sometimes you just to say, ‘Be proud of who you are.’ Proud of your hair, your skin color, you don’t need to change. We’re in a society where altering yourself is very massive. It’s not that I’m saying that doing any surgery is an issue but it’s just my appreciation to Black women. Unnu can move mountains. I’m from Jamaica. That’s my background. So we’re just uplifting the Queens dem in the rightful way.”

Regarding his documentary “Pieces,” Masicka expresses his desire to inspire others by sharing his story of perseverance, struggle, and success.

Question: “Regarding the upcoming documentary, why do you want to share your story with the world now?”

Answer: “So that everybody who has a dream can see that it’s possible and that once you have a voice, you work hard and stay consistent, you can be heard. I’m just proud of where I’m coming from, proud of my struggle, proud of my strengths, and proud of the initial stages of my career. So it’s just something I want to share with di fans dem, seeing me being vulnerable, seeing the good and seeing the hard times. Not just of Masicka in the limelight.”

Reflecting on his career, Masicka is most proud of his ability to positively change his family’s circumstances, viewing this as a key achievement.

Question: “What are you most proud of about your career at this point?”

Answer: “Mi never quit and mi could I change my family life. Mi could move mi mummy, brother, sister, everybody outta di ghetto. Mi family can just see me as a true definition of success. And I’m coming from not just, doing it with clean and hard work, commitment and consistency. Nothing was handed out. So I think being able to move mi family and being able to change people’s life is the most impactful thing about my journey.”

The interview also touches on Masicka’s personal interests outside of music, including cooking and spending time with his family, offering a glimpse into his life beyond the stage and studio.

Masicka believes in the potential for dancehall music to grow and emphasizes the importance of unity and hard work among artists to elevate the genre further. He sees himself and his contemporaries as responsible for carrying forward the legacy of dancehall music, ensuring its prominence on the global stage.

For further insights into Masicka’s thoughts on his albums, performances, and his vision for music and legacy, check out the full article at Edition Modern Luxury magazine: