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Rygin King Back In The Studio

7945810684?profile=RESIZE_584xAFTER being sidelined by gunshot wounds for months, Rygin King is back in studio. The dancehall deejay posted a picture of himself on Instagram to announce his 'return to the office'.

“Give thank fi life,” Rygin King wrote, along with a praying emoji.


His colleagues I-Octane and Chronic Law were very supportive and posted several praying emojis. Deep Jahi referred to “powers” of a supreme being in his response.


International footballers Leon Bailey and Raheem Sterling also sent their best wishes for the deejay's recovery.


On August 22, Rygin King released No Emotion while still recovering in hospital. It was recorded prior to his June 28 shooting, but he added the finishing touches by cellphone.


“Mi not fully 100 per cent, but mi just ah give thanks for all the prayers and well wishes from the fans. God nah give a man more than him can bear. As mi song say: 'Who behind the trigger have the last laugh'. So right now, mi just a heal and take it day by day,” he told the Jamaica Observer.


“Mi believe inna this song. It ah say everything mi a feel right now, and I wanted it to drop on my birthday,” he continued.

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Legendary Reggae Singer Toots Hibbert Dead At 77

7904232887?profile=RESIZE_710xLegendary reggae singer Frederick "Toots" Hibbert died in the University Hospital of the West Indies in St Andrew on Friday evening. He was 78.
The singer had been admitted at the hospital last week Monday and was in a medically induced coma.

Claude Mills, Hibbert's publicist, confirmed the singer's passing.

"Jamaica has lost a great cultural icon. The soul of an age has died," he told Observer Online a short while ago.

"The family is asking for privacy at this time as they are going through a very difficult period. Toots was the patriarch of the family. He was everything to his family. I spoke to his daughter, Jenieve Bailey, who confirmed that her father had indeed passed this evening," he continued.

Hibbert was one of the 10 finalists in the recently concluded Jamaica Festival Song Competition — a contest he won three times.

He recently released his latest album, Got To Be Tough, on August 28.

Formed in the 1960s, his band Toots and the Maytals helped popularise reggae music. The group's 1968 single Do The Reggay was the first song to use the word “reggae” naming the genre and introducing it to a global audience.

The group's popular songs include Monkey Man, Sweet And Dandy, Bam Bam, and Pomps And Pride.

In 2005, the group won the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album with True Love. Seven years later, he was awarded an Order of Distinction for his contribution to Jamaica's music.

In December 2019, he received a Jamaica Observer Entertainment Award for his efforts in taking reggae global.



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Beenie Man Mourning Death Of His Mother

7899702268?profile=RESIZE_710x'Mama Lilieth' the mother of international dancehall artiste, Beenie Man,  passed away on Thursday. Rohan 'Blue' Smith, Beenie Man's brother and manager, confirmed the news.

"Yes, it is true. Mama Lilieth passed away. She was about 63 years old. Miss Lilieth Sewell was hospitalised in July after she suffered a series of strokes. Since the news broke about her death Beenie Man, has deleted all the posts on his Instagram account, 

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7839180266?profile=RESIZE_584xSeveral lyrical battles post Beenie Man Verzuz Bounty Killer, and it has been declared that the title of 'Best Battle' (thus far) can be awarded to the Jamaican dancehall-reggae stars. Both delivered a unique and stellar performance in their face-off for Verzuz which was the quarantined brainchild of award-winning producers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz.

Though the writing was already on the wall, American entertainment media and charting giant Billboard Magazine published a poll for people to vote on which Verzuz battle was their favourite. No shock to us, the numbers for Beenie Man vz Bounty Killer were outstanding, with a whopping 88 per cent of the votes apportioned to their battle.

As icons of Jamaica's local genres, Beenie Man and his now friend (former rival) the warlord Bounty Killer, were the first two to have a face-to-face showdown (in the same room) and represent for the Jamaican clash culture in the internationally-acclaimed virtual battle of hits. Jamaican culture, frequently defined by competition, is known for putting talent on a battle-esque type show more popularly called a CLASH. The two deejays did just that. They flexed their lyrical muscles in approximately 20 rounds for close to 500,000 viewers on Instagram TV Live in the special Memorial Day Weekend edition of Verzuz TV on May 23.

Before the end of their battle, media, both local and international, had already declared the dancehall Verzuz battle as the most entertaining and drama-filled. It was seen this way not only for its interruption by Jamaican law enforcement but by holding the viewers' attention throughout and unlocking the energy of a traditional 1990s dancehall clash. The battle scored significant points with fans as we are in a time when live entertainment is imprisoned due to the pandemic (curse you 2020).

According to seasoned record producer and music engineer Dale Virgo, "Having watched multiple Verzuz battles which encompassed a diverse set of artistes from the different genres of music, nothing compared to Beenie Man vs Bounty Killer." Dale has worked with some of Jamaica's top performers as well as international acts such as Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Grace Jones and Amy Winehouse before her untimely demise.

Since May 23, 2020, the online series has featured other legends in the R&B and hip hop genres: 112 and Jagged Edge (who squared off two days after the eventful dancehall battle), Alicia Keys and John Legend, Fabolous and Jadakiss, DMX and Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross and 2Chainz and Brandy and Monica. Surprisingly, Brandy and Monica had their Verzuz battle one day before the poll was published and held the No. 2 spot in the polls with 3.53 per cent. Gospel artistes Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond also entertained a spiritual battle bringing the power of the Lord to Verzuz.

Dancehall can be compared to R&B and hip hop and other competitive genres, Virgo explained, "Rap, for example, is used to beat battles; DMX and Snoop Dogg [who by the way were third in the polls with 2.97 per cent votes] was dope but cannot be compared to the energy Bounty and Beenie gave us."

Taking into account, Billboard Magazine's controversial cover art that excluded the dancehall artistes and stirred the pot for negative criticism by the public on social media, the producer added, "I believe that they knew that it would be something people would talk about and with the overwhelming response from the diaspora, wanted to do damage control with the original oversight of not including them."

In the newly published polls, mentioned that 44.6 per cent of the total votes were traced to Jamaica. Despite the enthusiasm of dancehall supporters, there were a few individuals who did not deem the polls as validation.

A prominent figure in Jamaica's radio and party scene Tricia' ZJ Sparks' Spence told, "They were unnecessarily disrespectful. Furthermore, there was no need to quote where most of, or even, a breakdown of the votes came from because I am sure if DMX and Snoop Dogg had led in the polls there would have been no break down as to where the voters came from."

She continued, "Dah person weh write dat article deh ah write an' ah nedge dem teet' because dem know dem do we wrong."

Sparks celebrates the dancehall artistes as role models and ambassadors of Jamaica’s culture as such see what Billboard did as a move to slight us as creatives. She explained, "Respect the culture, respect the origins of the music and respect the fact that you invite somebody to come on your show and they gave you a world-class performance that had the entire world speaking. Don't be disrespectful and slight us, after yuh nuh smarter than we."


Written by:

Toni-Ann Kelly

Instagram: @madaroad_com

Instagram: @Miss_TKelly


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Kabaka A ‘Nice Up Di Dance’

7816247092?profile=RESIZE_584xKabaka Pyramid recently unleashed an updated version of Michigan & Smiley's mega dancehall hit, 'Nice Up the Dance.' The renowned lyricist incorporated both new and original lyrics to bring the track into a contemporary context. According to a release from the artiste's team at Bebble Rock, the song is supported by a visually rich and celebratory video shot in Jamaica and produced by Davida-Mae Chambers and directed by 300K.

The original version of 'Nice Up the Dance' was released in 1979 on the Real Rock Riddim and done by the iconic dancehall duo, Michigan & Smiley. Initially recorded by the top Studio One reggae band at the time, Sound Dimension, the Real Rock Riddim was the soundtrack for numerous classic dancehall/reggae tunes. From Willi Williams' 'Armagideon Time' to Dennis Brown's 'Stop The Fussing And Fighting' both released in 1977. However great those songs were, none was more suited for dancehall than Michigan & Smiley's 'Nice Up the Dance'. It became an anthem, the song everyone wanted to hear when they touch into a Kingston street dance.

In a recent interview with the Jamaica Gleaner, Kabaka expressed that getting involved with this project was a bit of a no-brainer for him. He said when Jeremy Harding linked him to do a cover for the song he loved the idea because 'Nice up the Dance' was a classic in early days of dancehall music. Jeremy Harding reproduced the Real Rock Riddim from scratch, and Kabaka sang a lot of the original song's and added two original verses of his own.

Vibe Magazine chatted a bit with the video's director 300K who let on that, "A lot of creative thought went into this project". The video was very fitting for the project; we may even say it achieved a level of perfection. It captured the fashions of the late 1970s right down to the tracksuits and diamond socks that Kabaka was wearing. "We were very intentional with the locations that were used, as well as the wardrobe for Kabaka Pyramid and the talent to assist. We wanted to ensure that the visuals matched the tone, the vibe and the lyrics of the single, and paid homage to its roots. The shots we took, down to the angles taken and even the movements of Kabaka Pyramid and the dancers were key to ensure the video was authentic, upbeat and made you feel happy, despite navigating the various things we are globally.", 300K explained to the popular magazine.

'Nice Up the Dance' is a pre-released track from the forthcoming, Jeremy Harding produced, 'Dancehall Anthems' Album for VP Records. The album is a collection of new recordings of classic reggae and dancehall songs that made waves across the genre at the time of their original release. The upcoming album will feature Dancehall Anthems reimagined by Kabaka Pyramid, Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Agent Sasco, Wayne Marshall, Runkus, Blvk H3ro, Bugle, and Royal Blu among others. The classic material was taken from hits produced by Yellowman, Michigan & Smiley, Ken Boothe, Tenor Saw, Papa San, Louie Culture and others. The single by Kabaka Pyramid is the second release from the Dancehall Anthems Project. The first being Beenie Man's remake of King Yellowman's single, 'Zungguzungguguzungguzeng', was not very well received. The Dancehall Anthems compilation album is slated to be released on October 9, 2020, and promises to be a classic one.

Written by:

Toni-Ann Kelly

Instagram: @madaroad_com

Instagram: @Miss_TKelly


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7722091876?profile=RESIZE_584xStandard on the lips of up and coming dancehall/reggae acts is the lack of support they get in and from the establishment and players in the entertainment industry. Many complain about being snubbed by producers for already established artistes, not getting support from the media/radio stations, having to pay for everything they need etc. Others emphasize that corporate brands and the government aren’t willing to help them get the big break but are always at the ready to jump on the band-wagon if that big break comes.

Kencot’s native star on the rise had much to say in a recent sit down with Mad A Road on industry support or the lack thereof. Actively pursuing a career in music for the past five years, Swashii believes that there is a lot of talent that exists in Jamaica. However, the lack of support and acceptance from both the government and industry people alike has held many a great young artiste back.

"The industry [presently] lack settings for upcoming artistes to establish themselves; yuh understand dem need fi build more things, so when a young artiste with talent forward him nuh have to guh through the whole world and pay the whole world to get a break and mek people hear him voice," Swashii said speaking on the current policies and creative infrastructure in Jamaica.

As a young artiste, he would much rather see the government show support for up and comers in the business through various initiatives teaching them to hone their talent as well as learning the business of the music. "If dem just set up a way, so dem accept young artistes, meaning give dem the full strength like weh dem give ah artiste weh hot already then nobody can hold dancehall down. Plus once we unite there will be strength in the dancehall genre on a whole," he said.

Swashii reiterates that most youngins in the industry have no formal knowledge of the concept of the business of music; thus they many times end up getting tricked or shafted by producers and persons who have been in the industry for a while.  "Them having more knowledge of the business than you as a young artiste just allow them to con yuh more" the artiste explained. He has looked at countries like Canada who established grant funding opportunities for a young artiste to release their first album, EP or musical project. "Dem tings deh me a talk bout, supporting the youths in the industry can only lead to greater things, not just fi di youths but for Jamaica” he exclaimed.

Like many, his start in music was influenced by older deejays and he names veterans such as Mr Lexx, Vybz Kartell, Bounty Killer, Sizzla Kalonji and I Wayne as mentors and inspiration. "As artiste dem man deh me look up to pon a different kinda level. Me get inna di music by the influence of older friends weh me deh roun' as a juvenile but some a dem pass off suh me a keep going for who nuh deh here." the young deejay expressed.

Determined to flood the airwaves, in 2019, Swashii was consistently releasing catchy tunes that were sure to have people tune in to his music as an up and comer in the game. His song '4/20', celebrating the power of marijuana, was aptly titled based on the date of April 20, which is dedicated internationally to smoking kush. Another one of his 2019 releases, 'Still A Wear' spoke to dancehall’s iconic fashion trends and is worth a good listen as it definitely has a vibe. Three other songs, released by the artiste shared more intimate layers of Swashii' Worry Bout', 'Story' and 'Never Bury' are also stands out tracks.

2020, saw the artiste realizing his big dreams, literally, with a track titled 'Big Dreams'. The artiste expressed "me always a pree big so is like from Rama Dan send me that rhythm [Dream Free Riddim] me guh suh rups and most of the things forward out to me in one go, that's how Big Dreams come to life still. It was a vibe me have from hearing di riddim". Speaking on the chorus of the track, he expressed "The punchline come naturally because a big dream we just a meditate." He outlined to Mad A Road that the chorus of the song speaks heavily to his ambitions as an artiste.

Swashii's authentic, old-school flavour of dancehall and versatility has continued to attract a wide audience. An ode to that fact is his recent feature on late 90's dancehall sensation Mr Lexx's 'Touch Down EP'. There is much more to look forward to from young Swashii Don as he is currently working on his mixtape titled ‘Problem’ among other things.


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7695724654?profile=RESIZE_710xIf your name is Skillibeng, you are having a great August! Less than a week ago the dancehall up and comer dropped his unconventional 3 track EP and is already trending internationally. 

On August 20, the artiste released his second musical compilation, and to everyone's surprise, the EP (which is more like a Demo Album… sorry not sorry) has only 3 tracks. The EP aptly titled 'Brik Pan Brik' features his already released breakout hit of the same name, another already famous Skillibeng track; 'Mr. Universe' and one brand new track 'Million A Dolla' which is pretty cool, but not enough. Even though the songs are wildly popular, the EP has left many fans questioning, where is the rest of it

The 3 track EP (Three-P… lol) features the artiste's two most successful musical works to date, 'Brik Pan Brik' and 'Mr. Universe'. 'Brik Pan Brik' has amassed over 6.4 million views on Youtube with the official audio and music video numbers combined and over 795,000 streams on Spotify. 'Mr. Universe' on the other hand, has about 3.7 million views with both audio and visuals combined and over 115,000 Spotify streams. 

This week also has Skillibeng celebrating some shared Billboard success. The artiste is featured on a reggae/dancehall compilation album called 'Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica: The Reggae Collector's Edition' which is currently making its way up the Billboard Compilation Chart. Debuting at Number 16 a few days ago, the album features, Shatta Wale's 'Dream', Vybz Kartel's 'The Winner', Peetah Morgan's 'Keep Us Dancing', Skillibeng's 'Middle Day' and more.

He can now add to his celebration list, his Rising Artiste of the Week feature on mega streaming platform TIDAL. TIDAL made a post on their 300k follower-strong twitter page hailing the dancehall lyricist as the Rising Star of the genre. We can hear Skilli now "Who me? Mr Universe!" The post, captioned, "@skillibeng flexes on his latest single 'Million A Dolla'" is linked to the Rising: Dancehall/Reggae list on TIDAL which shows off what's hot in dancehall at the moment. The list features Skillibeng at the top and also lists songs by, Jahvillani, Xyclone, Daddy1, Tesselated, Lila Iké, Vybz Kartel, Likkl Vybz and Likkl Addi among others.


In a recent interview with the Jamaica Star newspaper, skillibeng credited his current success to the work that he has been putting in where his craft is concerned. He said, "This is a great look for dancehall and Jamaican music on a whole, and me just feel like the work really just start put in." In another interview with Vice Magazine, he said: "It [success] shows me all the good work, all the hard work I've been doing makes sense". We can lookout for more greatness on the international scene from Skilli as he continues to rise in the musical universe. 

Written by:

Toni-Ann Kelly

Instagram: @madaroad_com

Instagram: @Miss_TKelly

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Tommy Lee Sparta Drops ‘Hot Topic’

7574577085?profile=RESIZE_584xIt has been four days since dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta has been released from police custody, and already he is dropping musical bombs. Less than 24 hours ago (August 21), the Sparta boss dropped an audio on Youtube for what seems to be his new banger 'Hot Topic'. The song immediately started moving up on Youtube's on Trending list.

Contrary to what speculations may suggest, the song is not about his recent run-in with the Jamaica Constabulary Force. The song doesn't so much as mention it, which may indicate that he recorded the track before he was taken into custody. 'Hot Topic' could be considered a braggadocious way for Tommy Lee to say he is a top gyallis. 'Hot Topic' is about Tommy Lee always being on the ladies minds, being on their lips, and being the topic of all their conversations despite their disgruntled boyfriends. The song also speaks to his ability to tek weh a bwoy gyal.

"Mi nah too laugh last,

So nuh come here wid di fuckery betta move an gwan.

Ah mi ah mek dem miss dem loop inna dem pants,

Cuz ah mi ah mek dem gyal blow horn like car."

'Hot Topic' is a Jamaican slang term for something or someone being newsworthy and always trending. Persons who are hot topics are always talked about or watched. The clever song title choice could be speaking directly to the fact that Tommy Lee has dominated the entertainment news space for a significant part of the last two months. Admittedly, that might continue as long as his lawsuit against the JCF will be filed.

Tommy Lee was released from police custody on August 17 after spending 41 days, without being charged, in lock-up at the Freeport Police Station in Montego Bay, St. James. A tribunal ruled that there was no justifiable reason for Tommy Lee to have been detained under the State of Emergency (SOE) regulations in the parish and ordered his release. Since his release, his attorney-at-law Ernest Smith, confirmed that they would be filing a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the state for unlawfully detaining the dancehall artiste. There will be more come in that story, but until then, listen to 'Hot Topic' below and let us know what you think of Tommy Lee Sparta's new tune.


Written by:

Toni-Ann Kelly

Instagram: @madaroad_com

Instagram: @Miss_TKelly

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7574156073?profile=RESIZE_584xEstablished as an underground dancehall act for a few years now, Fully Bad, is beginning to sprout new leaves. Though the present climate of the genre portrays artistes from Jamaica's East and West side as the dominant forces, Fully Bad is undaunted nor intimidated by it. Since cutting ties with former management, the Foota Hype-led Foota Hype Music (FHM), he is fully ready to put down roots in the dancehall community.

Since cutting tied with Foota Hype, Fully Bad has secured a management deal with a New York-based label and already has a discography of new music including an EP titled 'Born Fi Dweet'. Although he confirmed that parting ways with Foota Hype was a mutual decision, critics have given 'The Art of Loyalty' deejay the thumbs up for separating himself from a controversial public figure.

"We all know Foota Hype is a very outspoken individual, and that is who he will forever be; he has his views and opinions on life and certain things just as any other person does. He is entitled to that." The deejay spoke on, "As for my career being entangled with the controversial side of Foota Hype (lol), it depends on how a person looks on the glass – half empty or half full – some say yes some say no. If I'm to focus on the positive, he was the one to introduce me to the dancehall community, that did more good than bad for me as an artiste. I will forever be grateful to him."

East Side or West Side a Run Dancehall?

We asked Fully Bad about the current state of affairs in the dancehall space. He commented on the East and West producing the hottest dancehall artistes currently, and said this, "I commend all the artistes that are putting in the work and effort to uplift dancehall music. At the end of the day, a particular artiste might voice a particular song, and it bad, but the work itself that is seen by the world belongs to the culture of Jamaica.

On that topic, he also added, "It is not an easy thing to create good music, so if for now the East and the West are "running dancehall" then that's good for dancehall music. There are still many talented artistes like myself that are from the South-side and other areas of the island that have yet to receive a big break," Fully Bad told MadARoad.

He continued: "I believe with hard work, dedication, persistence, belief in oneself, and time, all things will manifest. Like the saying goes "today for you, tomorrow for me", you have to stand firm and know that you are born to do it, and it will be… right now is Fully Bad time and nothing can stop it."

He says it all comes down to the journey more than the destination, and working with the selector was a part of what brought the deejay to his current project. On the last lap of 'Born Fi Dweet', which is to be released in the coming weeks, Fully Bad is enjoying the success of the title track, 'Born Fi Dweet' which is getting steady rotation on the radio and 'Airplane Mood' which has amassed over 100,000 views on the deejay's VEVO page. Both tracks were produced by DJ Slow Motion.

The tracks are a teaser to the full project and what the deejay hopes will lead to more successful projects with some of the established names in music production such as Chimney Records, Shabdon and Snowcone. "I'm looking forward to doing some work with these producers in the near future," he said. "The fans are gravitating to the tracks so far and can look forward to the EP dropping soon – new visuals to show the world and a few collaborations in the pipeline."

Even though there are obstacles we are all facing during this pandemic, Fully Bad asserted that he and his team have been putting in the work. "My team and I will continue to put in the work by finding new and exciting ways to engage the fans while creating beautiful music for all to enjoy…most importantly we want everyone to be safe . Life is still the greatest thing on earth, so preserve it and cherish it… Fully!"

Written by:

Toni-Ann Kelly

Instagram: @madaroad_com

Instagram: @Miss_TKelly

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Mad RE:Views Tek It by Jada Kingdom ft. Skillibeng

7556496688?profile=RESIZE_710xLooking like the most iconic dancehall duo of 2020, Jada Kingdom and Skillibeng are giving it to us raw, real and uncut in 'Tek It'. The song has a sexy-dancehall vibe (dare we say Traphall). It is very provocative, walking that very thin line between Beyoncé's 'Partition' and Spice's 'So Mi Like It'. To say the least, Jada and Skilli are making us put our great imaginations to good use.

The very partition-esque, visuals took us on a sexy little ride between the two artistes. The video featured Jada dancing with girls scantily clad in nude shade underwear as well as Jada's silhouette moving provocatively on a table (like Beyoncé danced on the antique chair in Partition). There were scenes of Jada seemingly doing a lap dance for Skillibeng. The pair's chemistry on the track and in the video is undeniable. Jada's super sultry voice paired with her heavy-set, lace-covered body, made for a very scintillating view.

Skilli, on the other hand, brought his A-Game to the track with an aeroplane lift off of an entrance. "Airplane, Suh mi cocky lift up, stay there, Cock it up", only he would start a verse like that and no other dancehall artiste could have gotten away with that except Vybz Kartel. As is customary, Skillibeng's delivery was smooth and his raw bad man loving type of lyrics definitely sky-rocketed our ratings for the track. The visuals had Skilli being the only man in what seemed to be heaven with more than a few gorgeous girls and queen twinkle, Jada Kingdom. The scenes showed him deejaying whilst having his bare chest massaged by many female hands, very kingly for the Eastsyde King.

Joining the ranks of dancehall's sexiest collaborations 'Tek It' is definitely one for all the young lovers in the dance. Add it to your Sexy Dancehall Playlist along with that Vybz Kartel x Spice, Movado x Stacious, Lady Saw x Shaggy. If you don't have a sexy dancehall playlist, 'Tek It' is a great track to start with.

'Tek It' is in the Top 10 of the Youtube on Trending list clocking almost 1 million views and over 2,000 comments since its August 7, 2020 release. The fans are giving this one top rating all over the internet. One fan commented on Youtube, "Jada's female energy and sultry voice marinate any song she sings. She shows less nudity yet comes off with such intense sex appeal." Another fan commented, "Isn't this one of the best collaborations in the dancehall industry? (Skilli X Jada)" and the positive reviews went on and on. Mad A Road is definitely in agreement with the fans on this one, the song and video has all the qualities of a dancehall hall of famer.

We rate the video a 10/10, who doesn't love a sexy ass video. The concept of the video serves the exact purpose of the song; there could not have been a better conceptual pairing. The only problem we see is… the song should be longer, 2:20 is not enough… but that's because it is so damn good. BIG-UPs to Eastsyde's royal duo, unnu can 'Tek It' (the crown that is).



Written by:

Toni-Ann Kelly

Instagram: @Miss_TKelly

Twitter: @Miss_TKelly

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7556290095?profile=RESIZE_584x#1. Shenseea - Sure Sure (Official Music Video)

Cementing her place in the Youtube #1 on Trending spot is dancehall princess Shenseea with 'Sure Sure'. The song produced by platinum-selling producer Rvssian and video shot by Ruption of RD Studios has racked up over 1.6 million views since its release on August 13. It has been holding the number one spot for the past 4 days. We are 'Sure Sure' that Shenseea may be holding the #1 spot for at least another week.


#3. Squash - Skillful (Remix) ft. Vybz Kartel

The 'Skillful' (Remix) released August 19 is holding down the #3 on Youtube Trending spot this week. The 6ixReal Records / Attomatic Records produced track has a powerful message from the Exiled Pharaoh of Dancehall, Vybz Kartel. It's currently trending with 250,000 views and climbing.


#4. Jada Kingdom ft Skillibeng ~ Tek It

Airplane, so dah track yah liff up! LOL! Tanesha first daughter and Skillibeng is all the way up with this one. The Mathsofmind Production was holding the #3 spot for a while but is currently at #4 with 968,639 views. Trust that this one is worth the watch, so check it out. The only problem is, the song is too short lol… like a little teaser… 2:20. To be honest, it's really 2:20 worth of dancehall ecstasy.


#5. Intence - Authentic (Official Video)

Intence is his 'Authentic' self on his new track produced by Zimi Ent. The video directed by KD Visuals is currently trending #5 since its release on August 18 with almost 230,000 views. The video isn't any significant production, but the song is one to talk about.


#8. Jahmiel - All The Girls (Official Music Video) | Dancehall 2020

We love this fresh take on love by reggae/dancehall artiste Jahmiel. 'All The Girls' follows a trendy couple Gio & Ken through a series of cute date type scenes. The chemistry is the video is fantastic, and it suits the song. The Zimi Ent produced track has racked up almost 300,000 views since its release on August 14, 2020.


Check out the videos and like, share, leave a comment. Support our local artistes in any way you can. Below is the list of other videos rounding out the YOUTUBE ON TRENDING TOP 20 LIST.

#14. Intence – Wounded (Official Video) –

#16. Squash – Different Rankin | Official Music Video | Reggae Gold 2020 Exclusive –

#17. Jafrass – Loyalty (Official Music Video) –

Note that this is a list of On Trending Reggae/Dancehall Music Videos ONLY. This list does not take into consideration, official audio releases, news items, rap videos, etc. which may also populate the list based on our location.


Written by:

Toni-Ann Kelly

Instagram: @madaroad_com

Instagram: @Miss_TKelly

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7556000863?profile=RESIZE_584xDebuting at No. 2 on the Billboard Reggae Album Chart, Popcaan's 'Fixtape' seems to be a sure-fire dancehall hit internationally. The album not only debuted high on the reggae chart but broke into the coveted Billboard Top 100 of the Hot 200 Chart list. Billboard noted that 'Fixtape' had the sixth-best debut of the week, entering at 94th, on the Hot 200 Chart which combines statistics from streams and sales.

In addition to his Billboard success, poppy has also topped a few charts on iTunes since he released 'Fixtape'. Popcaan took the crown for the #1 spot on the iTunes Top Reggae Album Chart from the King of Reggae Bob Marley. Since his dancehall debut over ten years ago, it is the first time that he has hit the #1 spot on the iTunes Charts. He also topped the iTunes Top Reggae Songs chart with 'Twist & Turn' featuring internationally acclaimed rapper Drake and PartyNextDoor. 'All I Need', which is another Popcaan x Drake collaboration, is also the No. 2 song on that chart pushing Bob Marley's 'Three Little Birds' to No. 3. Way to Go Unruly Boss!

Popcaan's 'Fixtape' was released on August 7th, 2020 in collaboration with one of Jamaica's premier sound Chromatic, by OVO Sound / Warner. The mixtape/album sold 686 copies in the first week and has been hitting sales and streaming markers consistently since its release. The 19 track 'Fixtape' features collabs with Drake, PartyNextDoor, French Montana, Stylo G, Jada Kingdom, Masicka, Skillibeng, Tommy Lee Sparta and more. The 32-track extended mix of 'Fixtape' is available on Popcaan's Soundcloud. Little known fact, Popcaan's 'Fixtape' was released as a tribute to his late friend Bookha who was killed in a motorcycle crash early July 2020.

 This week’s Billboard Reggae Chart List

10. Sean Paul with Dutty Classic Collection (Album)
9. Buju Banton with Upside Down 2020 (Album)
8. Sean Paul with Dutty Rock (Album)
7. Bob Marley & The Wailers with Gold (Album)
6. Stick Figure with Set In Stone (Album)
5. UB40 with Greatest Hits (Album)
4. Stick Figure with World On Fire (Album)
3. Shaggy with Best of Shaggy: The Boombastic Collection (Album)
2. Popcaan with Fixtape (Mixtape)
1. Bob Markey with Legend: The Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers (Album)



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4203320860?profile=RESIZE_584xDancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta is back on the road! His attorney Ernest Smith confirmed that yesterday August 17, after spending 41 days in police custody without being charged, the ‘Rich Badness’ deejay was released from police custody. His release comes on the heels of a tribunal ruling that stated that there was no justifiable reason for Sparta to have been detained under State of Emergency (SOE) regulations.

The wildly popular dancehall artiste has been in police custody since June 7, 2020, at the Freeport Police Station after being named ‘a person of interest’ in connection with the upsurge in violence in the community of Flankers, St. James. Since being in custody, Tommy Lee was taken on a police operation which raided a Kingston based apartment in late July. After the raid, the communications unit of the JCF published a glowing report of the success of the raid in a local paper which has seen many labelling the deejay as an ‘informa’. The police are claiming to have successfully dismantled the deadly Sparta Gang through key evidence from one of their detainees (supposedly Tommy Lee) and in the report, they are seemingly suggesting that he has been cooperating with them and provided key information that aided in them making several arrests over the past several weeks.

Following the raid, Tommy Lee was scheduled to appear before a tribunal over a few days (August 10-14) for a ruling on his detention. The entertainer’s attorney, Ernest Smith, confirmed yesterday that the tribunal found that there was no justifiable reason for Tommy Lee to have been detained under the State of Emergency (SOE) in Montego Bay. “The tribunal, therefore by its unanimous decision, instructed that Mr. Leroy Russell (Tommy Lee Sparta) should be released with immediate effect, whether or not the SOE is lifted today,” he told a local news source.

Attorney Ernie Smith also told LOOP News that the “continued detention of the artiste made it patently clear that there was a personal grudge and malice being directed against Mr Russell". Mr Smith reiterated that Tommy Lee’s legal team will still be pursuing legal action against the state for the unlawful detention of his client.  "All through the questioning, Mr Russell has never been accused of an offence, he was merely questioned whether he knew so and so, whether he was a gang member, hoping that he would contradict himself," Smith said. Reiterating that what the police did was unconstitutional and breached the rights of his client as a citizen of Jamaica.

Speaking on the deejay being released and his disposition, Ernest Smith said “He’s a very happy man, anxious to hit the world of work again. He tells me that his mission will continue to be a mission of peace.” He also said Tommy Lee is crying for peace in his hometown as he (Tommy Lee) communicated to him, “that the violence that has plagued sections of Montego Bay, in his words, should stop, must stop.

Welcome Back, Tommy Lee!


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7335588074?profile=RESIZE_584x#1. Squash - Different Rankin | Official Music Video | Reggae Gold 2020 Exclusive

Knocking Jada Kingdom’s ‘WiN’ from the top spot Squash is back on top with ‘Different Rankin’. Stacking it up, packing it up is what the 6iXX boss does the best and this Shabdon Records produced track is doing just that. The track which is a track featured on the VP Records’ Reggae Gold 2020 Exclusive has stacked up over 400,000 views since its release about 48 hours ago.



Welcome back Aidonia! ‘Yeah Man’ the Govi Govi x DiDi Don collab is pure fire. The Redboom Supamix produced song and RD Studios produced video, knocked Jada Kingdom’s win from the #2 spot a few days ago (sad face). We are happy to see Aidonia back at it like a crack addict and hitting us hard with the dancehall lines once again. The video released on August 4 is now almost 470,000 views strong… YEAH MAN!


#5. Jada Kingdom ~ WiN (Official Music Video)

BIG UP Tanesha first daughter Jada Kingdom who took the Youtube trending crown from Koffee with this motivational track. We were really looking forward to this track still being in the top spot for this week’s review, but hip hop, Squash and Govi had other things to say. ‘WiN’ is currently holding down the #5 spot on the Youtube On Trending list with a little over 1 million views. We affi WIN WIN WIN, them cyaa stop a ting… Twinkle.


#9. Intence, Wahs - DM Full Up (Official Video)

Well Intence and Wahs’ DM’s are still filling up with views for this one. The pair is holding down the #9 spot on the Youtube On Trending list the song with ‘DM Full Up’. Just about 3 weeks old, the ZimiEnt produced track has amassed a few hundred shy of 700,000 views on Youtube. Keep trending Intence.



#10. Chronic Law - Count My Blessings (Official Lyric Video)

Captioned as the official lyric video for the song, Chronic Law simply stings in the very easy ‘Count My Blessings’. The video is a video with the lyrics running on it, so we don’t know if it’s a video or a lyric video or if there will be an official video for the track. Either way, we give him props for using this style. The Attomatic Records/Dan Sky Records produced track has seen over 500,000 views on Youtube since its release on July 25, 2020 and is still trending.


Check out the videos and like, share, leave a comment. Support our local artistes in any way you can. Below is the list of other videos rounding out the YOUTUBE ON TRENDING TOP 20 LIST.

#11. Koffee - Lockdown (Official Video) –

#13. IWaata - Yeng Bounce (Official Video) –

#15. Shane O - Menace (Official Video) –

#17. Jahvillani, Moyann - Gangster Love (Official Music Video) – VIDEO:

#19. Gold Gad - GoldGadHub (Official Music Video) –  

Note that this is a list of On Trending Reggae/Dancehall Music Videos ONLY. This list does not take into consideration, official audio releases, news items, rap videos, etc. which may also populate the list based on our location.

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7324015089?profile=RESIZE_584xPopcaan has surprised fans with a brand new 19-track mixtape. Titled FIXTAPE, the  project arrived on Jamaican Independence Day (August 6) and is released in conjunction with Chromatic Sound. The mixtape includes guest vocals, from Popcaan's OVO label boss Drake. The  rapper appears on “All I Need” and “Twist & Turn,” the latter of which also boasts a verse from PARTYNEXTDOOR.


Other names on the project include Stylo G , Jada Kingdom ("Suh Me Luv It"), and French Montana ("Murda"). Masicka , Tommy Lee Sparta and more. FIXTAPE follows Popcaan’s Vanquish, his first release for Drake’s OVO Sound imprint, which dropped in December 2019.

Stream/download the new project here:



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7169664479?profile=RESIZE_584xNot so popular on the dancehall/reggae scene is reggae soul singer Zia Benjamin who just keeps on surprising us with each passing year. It has been almost 2 years since the singer released the Rory Stone Love produced single ‘Mr. Never Man’ and about a year since the release of the video. Cue 2020 and ‘Mr. Never Man’ is featured on the soundtrack of the newly released British comedy series ‘Maxxx’.

The series produced by Fagbenle brothers O.T. & Luti (Luti Media) premiered in the United Kingdom earlier this year, ‘Maxxx also made its United States debut this week via streaming platform Hulu. Maxxx stars British actor OT Fagbenle, Law & Order SUV's Christopher Meloni, Pippa Bennett Warner, Alan Asaad, Helen Monks, Jourdan Dunn, and Javone Prince. The series centres on a former boy band star Maxxx (OT Fagbenle), who tries to make a musical comeback in a bid to win back his supermodel ex-girlfriend (Jourdan Dunn), and prove to the world that he isn't a washed-up has-been.

Zia speaking on how she came to be a part of the project stated that the series producer Luti reached out to her directly. “We met a long time ago on the set of an Ed Sheeran and Master Shortie video (which never came out), this was way before I started really doing music, but I had played him some of my demos on set and he and a lot of the crew have remained my listeners up until now.

In a recent interview with the Jamaica Observer, she further explained, “He (Luti) expressed that he wanted to a retro soulful Jamaican reggae vibe for a romantic scene between Jourdan Dunn and OT Fagbenle. ‘Mr Never Man’ is such a beautiful, real, raw, soulful lovers' rock song and it was perfect for the scene.

Zia’s musical influences are a cross-cultural mixture of jazz, neo-soul, pop, and retro-dancehall converging into a sound she calls ‘Rum Shop Blues’. The layers in her sound are a reflection of her own identity as a mixed woman born in Jamaica to a Dominican father and German mother. “I think me being a part of this project just shows that there is space for Jamaican music that is a little different, that there is still room for soulful love songs, for raw emotion and vulnerability in this modern music sphere. I think it's important for Jamaican artists to express their full creative selves because it allows us to impact networks and listeners that are as unique and diverse as our music” she added.



Written by:

Toni-Ann Kelly

Instagram: @madaroad_com

Instagram: @Miss_TKelly

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7159951658?profile=RESIZE_710xWe woke up this morning to the Gully God, Movado’s ‘Enemy Line’ trending #5 on Youtube, oh boy who woke up the Warlord’s last son? To tell the truth, I was actually sleeping on this beef after hearing Drake’s ‘Only You Freestyle’. My thoughts were Drake is not trying to start a war with a dancehall artiste, worst of all the last of the clash kings Mavado.

On July 20, Canadian hip-hop artiste and worldwide sensation Drake released a collab with British grime rapper Headie One called ‘Only You Freestyle’. The video has received over 9.6 million views since being released 10 days ago and features some of the grimiest, Jamaican-ess looking men, posing as Drake’s crew.

On the track, Drake is seemingly rapping in Patwa even though it more sounds like he is rapping in a grime style. He gives nods to Popcaan and the exiled pharaoh Vybz Kartel and seemingly taking shots at Mavado in the same verse. The verse in question goes like this: 

“Link Popskull in Gaza but not that Gaza but still it’s a Mazza.

Nigga’s want piece like Cassava but we let bridge dem burn like grabba.

Boy 4 in the clips and one in the Headie.

Hand no shake man I hold that steady.

Your man love pose wid the ting for the picture.

Your man shoulda buss that ting already.

Your man love hesi hesi.

Yeah, can’t backchat to the Prezzi.”

Little known fact, Drake and Mavado used to be good, they were slated to build a library/learning centre for unattached youths as a joint-venture in Jamaica; however, Mavado failed to deliver on his end of the deal. A 2010 MTV article stated, “American rapper Drake has reportedly donated US$25,000 towards building a learning centre in Jamaica with dancehall artist, Mavado.” The project was started by Mavado with his manager Julian Jones-Griffith, the building would have been called the Drake and Mavado Peace Centre. Well, shame on Mavado & Julian because the youths of Cassava Piece are still waiting for the building of the centre (it has not yet begun to be built much more to be complete).

Yesterday (July 29), Mavado posted a clip of his newly released single ‘Enemy Line’ on his Instagram with the caption, “Suh yuh wa be like wi, and try style the thing. Remember this Dancehall a mi play-ground, Dancehall is my job. I’ve been a superstar over 15yrs and created countless hit songs in my genre while developing my unique singjay style of which the new generation is all about today solidifying the craft. You are not from Dancehall, You have no Power in Dancehall n everybody know who introduce you to Dancehall so don’t feel like you can come disrespect Gully take that out you brain n don’t dweet again.” Then Movado followed the post up with the release of the full single on his Youtube channel. (

Enemy Line’ is a hard-hitting, bars after sweet war-ready clash heavy bars, diss track aimed at international superstar Drake. In the new track, Mavado out-rightly calls Drake a culture vulture “Tell soft and fake likkle sheep, like Mormon, die trying but you will never be a yard man.” This however cannot be the reason for their estranged friendship, but the lines below sure can. Movado also said in the song “Instead of carry feelings fi gyal weh gimmi foul play, mi tek a fuck and den mi cut it neva worth stay. Fuck who turn enemy a suh di ting stay”. Did Mavado get entangled with one of Drake’s girls? Well, rumour has it that, years ago when drake came to Jamaica (whilst the 2 were still friends) Mavado tek a piece off a drake gyal inna di cyar back. Ok fine, it wasn’t in the back of any car, but Mavado did take a piece, which he refers to as a one fuck.

This deejay/rap, Movado vs Drake clash is fixing up to be something epic, I can’t lie. The flows on both tracks are top-notch, however, Mavado brought me back to that authentic Sting clash vibe and I am here for it. I am an original GAZA girl, but for this one, I’m putting my money on the Gully God. Drake better not back down because he started this. Poor Popcaan, stuck in the middle of this mess lol! Check out the videos below and tell us what you think.

Mavado - Enemy Line:

Headie One x Drake - Only You Freestyle:

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7157778892?profile=RESIZE_584xDefinitely one of dancehall’s most watched rising star, ‘Mr. Universe’ aka Skillibeng has laid down a verse above the rest on Wayne J & Blvk H3ro’s ‘Young Boss’ Remix. The track being an ode to youth ‘bossing up’, which was originally released a few months ago, is getting some of the ‘Brick Pon Brick’ juice that the lyrically inclined Skillibeng has to offer

The single, released is all about empowering young creatives who have taken that leap of faith in entrepreneurship. It was especially special as it was released during a time when young entrepreneurs are more prominent - especially in the music and creative industry.

What is important to note is the prevalence of more ‘established’ acts supporting the work of rising talent within the music industry, through organic collaborations. In fact, it was through this medium that the remix for ‘Young Boss’ came about. “It came out of a conversation and just seeing Skilli because all a we live inna Eastside,” Blvk H3ro recalls. “We did just hol’ a reason with him one day and he was telling us how he rated the track and just wanted to do a remix,” H3ro said.

Both Blvk H3ro and Wayne J continue to work on releasing exciting new projects with H3ro looking forward to being featured on 3 new tracks on English Reggae and Pop band UB40’s forthcoming album.

The Young Boss Remix is being released by US-based label Delicious Vinyl Island who has continued to support the Caribbean music industry through their work with established and upcoming talent. The single was produced by Greatest Records/Bob Riddim and will be available across all DSPs on Friday, July 24.

Check It Out :

Written by:

Toni-Ann Kelly

Instagram: @madaroad_com

Instagram: @Miss_TKelly

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