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Squash Manager Says Not More Diss Songs From The 6ixx.

2382766396?profile=RESIZE_710xLike waking a sleeping giant, The 6ix recently launched a lyrical attack on fellow dancehall entertainer Alkaline. In the spirit of dancehall, the attack was returned by the Vendetta boss with a volley of threats through social media and song.

But there is another faction who some allege are daring to charge on to the battlefield - the Jahvillani-led Wileside Government.On Sunday night, the One Gov figurehead released his latest track called Undefeated.

Clocking close to 50,000 views on his Vevo channel, and perhaps more counts on other platforms, Undefeated has opened impressively.

But the brow-raising count is perhaps because fans are positioning the song as a diss to The 6ix.

Popular team or not

Whether Undefeated is a diss to the popular team or not, fans can expect the 'gun song' to go unanswered.

"Squash nah do no more clash. Any man can say what them wah seh, and sing what them wah sing. But this is not the time for that. Too much of one thing, good for nothing," Junior 'Heavy D' Fraser, manager of The 6ix, told THE STAR.

On the other side of the fence, Wileside management denies that the violent song is directed at anyone.

"Suh true di man drop a badman song, unuh go seh a 6 diss song. Ah wah? Di man cyaa sing badman song too?" said a member of the management team.

Undefeated is part of a rhythm compilation produced by Lion Order and One Gov Productions, featuring M Gee and Deep Jahi.

"Pretty soon I-Octane will be added. I am grateful for the highlight this production has brought because it's my first production and after seeing how well Jahvillani's song kicked off, I have no doubt in future endeavors," said Lion, CEO of Lion Order Productions.

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Cops Target Stylo G In Search For Guns In Jamaica.


Dancehall artiste Stylo G is the latest entertainer who has been caught on camera having a stand-off with local police.

Though the encounter did not appear to get physical, the recording artiste was quite agitated, as a group of lawmen yesterday requested his presence at the National Police College of Jamaica in Twickenham Park, St Catherine.

The incident was live recorded in part by Stylo G, and posted to his Instagram profile. Based on the video, police entered a Caymanas Estate residence where the artiste and some associates were staying.

Despite finding no weapons or anything illegal, the lawmen said he had to come in for 'processing'.

In a tirade, carried on for approximately 20 minutes, the recording artiste expressed his confusion at the situation, and his distrust of the local police force.

Stylo G then passed his phone to a female companion who kept the camera trained on him.

"People send police ah mi place. Why you want arrest me and take me to the station? Why you want to arrest me and yuh don't find nuh gun? This is wrong," Stylo G said in the video.

"Keep it live, because this ah Jamaica, mi nuh trust nuttin. Unu come, kick off the door. Gun, everything inna we face," he said, with his arms mimicking a long gun posture. "We here, and there is no weapons here. You're gonna take us right now to the station, for what? Unu search the place and nuh find the gun!"

The lawmen continued, explaining that he was being taken to the station to be processed.

Lawmen's decision

"If you good, we carry you back," came the assurance. Not even the news that Stylo G has been a resident in England since he was 15 years old could sway the lawmen's decision.

"We don't live here. You can call and find out if we're wanted or not," he reasoned. But the decision was made.

"Don't forget that you're not in England. When all is said and done, you're going to the station," a policeman on the scene said.

"If you don't want to come to the station, we ah guh put the handcuff on you and carry you," another added.

Stylo G said that he was released after processing, but said that the ordeal has left him angry and traumatised.

"It was the first I'm being in an environment like that. It just traumatising fi me fi know seh I'm here working on my music and somebody gonna come and take me out of my house for no reason," he told THE STAR, reiterating that he is not involved in anything illegal. "Even if I did have a gun, it would have been a legal one. But dem seh is a state of emergency suh dem haffi bring mi in."

Attempts to get a comment from head of the police's Corporate Communications Unit, Assistant Superintendent Dahlia Garrick, proved futile.

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3555177088?profile=RESIZE_710xAudio Inside

Dancehall artist Gage enters the 6ixx vs Alkaline war . By dropping this latest track called "Disappointment" taking shots at Alkaline for trying to make a come back in dancehall by going after the the 6ixx boss Squash . and also calling out Squash for failing to match up to Alkaline in the lyrical feud ( Take a listen to track inside )

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3469860513?profile=RESIZE_710xThe producer with the golden touch has literally struck GOLD with his Kyng Midas album, which as I expected, entered the Billboard Reggae Album Chart this week! (Cues Applause) And what an impressive, ‘I’m late to this party but since I’m here lets drink some champagne and turn up’ entry it is. Funnily, he posted on his instagram page, champagne popping and champagne chilling in a dutch pot (only Jamaicans call it that), which is a very Jamaican thing to do.

Number 9

Call me crazy or whatever but numbers are very significant to me, many other people the world over and hopefully Notnice. (#KeepYourJudgement) The Kyng Midas Album made its Billboard debut at, you guessed it NUMBER 9 on the Reggae Album Chart and according to numerology, the number 9 is said to be the number of universal love, eternity and faith. It speaks to wisdom, a significant connection to past lives, signifies completion and is represented by the colour GOLD. I mean, who knows, Notnice could be a reincarnation of the actual King Midas… lol! (No I’m not drunk)

How could I forget, incidentally, track 9 on the album ‘Crime Lord’ by JaFrass is my favourite track and the Album was officially released on August 9… I see you Notnice.

Quiet Down… Kyng Midas Speaks

In my last article, I said I would publish the answers to my original questions to Notnice, from an interview which I conducted a couple of weeks before the release of the Album.

Notnice said, “Kyng Midas is the first [but definitely not the last] album from myself which features 20 exclusive tracks never before heard, no two artist on one riddim kinda thing, all exclusive tracks.” Additionally, we can expect, “greatness and a diverse body of work from Notnice Records. Not just what they [fans] have become accustomed to over the years, as I try to diversify the style of the way I produce and also the artist that are on the project most of them I’m working with for the first time.

Why remake the classic New Found Love by Garnet Silk? “Well it was Popcaan’s idea to do the song and I welcomed it because I thought it was a good idea and it is a great song from a great legend in reggae music and Popcaan would be highlighted in a different light showing his versatility.

Speak on what vibe can fans expect from the album, “Well i wouldn’t say I have a signature style, people say I do but I don’t hear it, but it’s nothing like what they are used to. As u can see and hear the first track [that was released, Popcaan’s New Found Love] is a reggae track and that in itself should show u that this is not an everyday project, I am trying to use this project to display my skills in doing just not the regular stuff that I am known for.”

I can definitely say, he was not lying with this one, every song is a bop and all have a different vibe, and his golden touch surely has turn music outside his regular scope into golden rain drops for our musical ear.

What are your expectations for the album, how well do you think it's going to do locally and internationally? “Well I know it will do well as long as it gets to the masses because I have 100% confidence in my work and I know that it’s of top quality, up there with anything else on the world market. Well I didn’t do this album geared towards the local market as we here in Jamaica don’t buy music unless is from the CD man dem in Half Way Tree, so I tried to give it [the album] a blend where there is a balance as to what can play in the parties also some stuff grandmas can listen to. Mi need this Grammy fi bring home fi show mi granny!”

I don’t have to say it, if you have listened you will know, this album is deserving of every single music award ever made (ok maybe not ever made… lol!) However, according to the Jamaica Observer, the album has only sold a paltry 64 copies, which is an indictment on us all as Jamaicans, locally and in the diaspora. If Jay Z drops an album tonight at midnight, it would have sold 64,000 copies by 6AM and many Jamaicans home and abroad would be bragging out the ass about buying it and touting how amazing the album is. Why don’t we give the same energy to our own? Like… Why?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Jay Z fan; however I am also a fan of our Jamaican talent, even more so the ones that have potential to make it big internationally which most times is the aim. So, why not support them? Come on man, the album probably costs $9.99.

BIG UP Notnice & CONGRATS on charting this week!

Instagram: @madaroad_com

Writer:Toni-Ann Kelly Instagram: @Miss_TKelly


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3429957354?profile=RESIZE_710xCheck out the latest mixtape "Level Up" from Waggy Tee Movements featuring the hottest dancehall tunes for 2019. Mixed & Mastered By Bad Boy Rue (Waggy Tee Movements) ( check out mix inside )

Check out the latest mixtape "Level Up"  from Waggy Tee Movements featuring the hottest dancehall tunes for 2019. Mixed & Mastered By Bad Boy Rue (Waggy Tee Movements) @badboyrue @diegodonn @patrickewing @waggytee99 @waggyteemovements @madaroad_com


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3421896082?profile=RESIZE_710xDancehall artiste Kemar 'Vershon' Brown is breaking his silence on the matter concerning a number of press releases issued by his former publicist, Rickardo 'Shuzzr' Smith.

The entertainer was one of several Jamaican entertainers booked to perform at the BDA Summer Festival scheduled for Snorkel Park Beach in Bermuda on August 3.

Version had complained that he was refused entry to Bermuda on August 2, after the plug was pulled at the last minute on a concert in which he was scheduled to perform. The Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) said Bermuda's Minister of National Security, Wayne Caines, said that no record existed of Vershon submitting an application for a permit to perform in Bermuda, and that his name did not appear on any flight manifests for that day.

But in a telephone interview with THE STAR yesterday, Vershon said that while at the JFK International Airport in New York, awaiting a connecting flight to Bermuda on August 2, the event promoter told him, via telephone, that the event was a no-go.

A statement was released three days after by Shuzzr stating that Vershon was denied entry in Bermuda. Vershon told THE STAR that this was incorrect.

"When the first story went out, I said to the publicist, 'the deny something don't look good because is not just Bermuda might see this, but wherever I go it can affect me'. It was just a miscommunication. Me understand seh Mr Rickardo is trying to protect his brand because him nah try fi look bad, but at the same time, you can't make me look bad. Is better if we did come together and just say our humblest apology and everything would be over by now."

The publicist has since severed ties with Vershon and apologised to the authorities in Bermuda. They also released an audio recording of the the dancehall entertainer saying: "Ah nuh fi wi fault, not even the promoter fault still, ah di government nuh waan issue no permit. Cah ah waan tell you seh we reach ah di airport and dem nah let we inna the country them send we back out dawg, and memba we have US visa...mi nuh kno' wah happen, not even inna the country dem waan we guh."

Vershon has sought to clarify that statement.

"We were in New York and the promoter called to say don't bother board the plane to Bermuda because a team of us was already there and they were planning to send them out. That's when I sent the voice note; I said 'we' because ah habit to speak like that. Another group of entertainers was having problems there, so you see where the miscommunication come from. But the article that say I got denied is completely incorrect. I never used those words, but I said there is a work permit issue."

He said he has not had any conversations with the publicist since the media crossfire because: "Like one thing always leads to a next, and I don't want to add fuel to that, sometimes it best to prevent it."

The Inna Real Life deejay is set to tour Costa Rica this week, but has intentions to travel to Bermuda as soon as all the smoke has cleared.

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3416481778?profile=RESIZE_710xTrack Inside

Back on Salaam Remi’s dancehall segment, Busta Rhymes and Majah Hype join him on “Thirsty.” Listen as this new anthem takes us through the rest of the summer. More big tunes for your head top.

“I’m glad to collaborate with Busta Rhymes and Majah Hype. They brought to life an idea,” said Salaam, “The big tune is called ‘Thirsty.’ That’s a real Bashment Bop for ya HeadTop.”

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3416029754?profile=RESIZE_710xRandom rum drinking, Hennessey, some more random drinking…. three events in the bag and Thursday, August 8, 2019, must have been an eventful day. Still yet, I don’t think I could have come home drunk and gone to bed without penning my thoughts on the newly crowned King Midas of Dancehall.

Hi, my name is Toni-Ann Kelly and even though we may not have been formally introduced, I write bomb articles for Mad A Road weekly. Rewind to a few weeks ago, I forwarded some questions to Not Nice about his upcoming album, he answered and not one day following did I have an urge to write the damn article (I’m sure I crucified myself at least 5 times over it). But, nothing before it’s time, everything in the universe is in perfect divine order… or at least, so they say.  

A few days ago, flying into my WhatsApp came an invitation to attend the launch of One RPM (Music Distribution Company) and NotNice’s ‘King Midas’ Album, to say the very least, the goosebumps that filled my body were owed only to the excitement that  I felt and yes I screamed.

Back to present day (today or yesterday), I waltzed into what my thoughts had as another regular, degular industry event (I’ve been to many), says one time on the invite and begins three hours later, not many in attendance or attend on time as dancehall in Jamaica doesn’t ever get popping until 1:00AM, no clear programme schedule, lots of rambling and slurring from dancehall artistes who have been drunk off Hennessey for at least a week… you know… the usual.

Anyways, I was pleasantly surprised when I came into the event and emcee Jadeen ‘Jade Tha Jem’ McGhie had the audience very engaged and ready to listen to what has to be the biggest thing for dancehall in the last 10 years, even, maybe possibly outshining an incarcerated Buju Banton’s return home (Love Buju, but yes the album is that good). The audience was practically begging Jade and DJ Nicco to start playing the tracks for all to hear. All formalities were handled, protocols observed, background given, Jah Vinci made sure we knew he was present and we all waited with bated breath to listen to the most anticipated dancehall album of 2019. Ainsley Morris, better known by his alias Notnice, joined Jade on stage to introduce the tracks and give backstories on each track, which despite being a tad nervous to be on stage alone, he handled himself well.

In a very lacklustre event review, I want to just say go and buy, stream or download the album, every song is worth the listen, I even dare say that every single track is worth at least 4 pull-ups. Now I can talk about, what makes this album the ‘IT’ for me (not saying I am any great musical critic… or maybe I am… who knows?)

Let me tell you the 5 reasons why I give this album a 10/10


Being a lover of the literary arts, especially Greek mythology, the reference to one of the greatest tragedies of all time stole my heart. If you don’t know the story of King Midas, let me give you a synopsis. King Midas, a very vain and wealthy king was cursed with what was known as the ‘Golden Touch’, later renamed the ‘Midas Touch’, which turned everything he touched into literal GOLD. Doesn’t sound like a bad thing, right? Try eating and drinking water with this curse, or caressing your lover. Notnice, on the other hand, has had very positive outcomes with his golden touch, as so aptly outlined by the Outro of the album, which had snippets of most; if not all the hits he has produced over the years.



From the first tease of Popcaan’s remake of Garnet Silk’s New Found Love, everyone’s ears have been peeled, listening out for other new tracks produced by Notnice and ultimately the album. The suspense was definitely worth it, every new tease or track that was dropped was better than the first. Climaxing with Dexta Daps ‘Strangers’ and oh what a climax that was, #1 trending in Jamaica, a quarter of a million views in less than 24 hours… sheesh! Dear Dexta Daps fans peep the video here:


On this album, you will witness something that most of us have put in the secret box in the back, back, back of our minds… Caution, for the real GAZA fans the Empire Medley may bring tears to your eyes (who’s cutting onions?). Track 8 aka The Empire Medley features Blak Ryno, Jah Vinci, Gaza Kim, Lisa Hyper, Dosa Medicine & Sheba… Just like the old days. #FreeWorlBoss.


As a part of the production process, Notnice held a competition via social media, allowing aspiring artistes to possibly get a spot on the album. Well, 2 spots on the album were taken by one male and one female entrant. According to Notnice, the female choice of his was not the winner of the competition by votes, however her talent was undeniable. Stream the album and look out for Nordia Mothersille’s ‘Sorry’ and Natural Flames ‘Often’. By all indications Nordia can be Jamaica’s equivalent to Adele, I guess that’s why she is the first female to be signed to Notnice Records.


Variety isn’t a much-celebrated word in dancehall. However, Notnice has managed to achieve the ultimate. The album gives you so many different flavours to choose from, it’s almost cruel. If you love Dexta, there are two songs (YES TWO). If you are into classic dancehall; take a listen to New Found Love by Popcaan and One General by Bounty Killa. If world music, afro beats and that overall international flair appeal to you, check out That’s Mine by Sean Paul, Promise by Tion Wayne and Sexy Lady Shattawale.

Oh, before I forget, for my ladies who are into that rugged, grimy, rude bwoy style, two words ‘CRIME LORD’… I thank you. (The video drops today and the song is by Jafrass)

Now I sit up in my bed at 7:25 AM, slightly sober (I’ve had much water and some food since getting home at 4:45 AM) to say this, NOTNICE IS THE KING MIDAS OF DANCEHALL and we should all crown him, everything he touches is gold. Gage (who is also on the album) aptly said it at the launch ‘He is a genius’ to cheers from the audience that this album deserves a Grammy… I do agree.

P.S. I will publish the answers to my original questions in a few days.


Instagram: @madaroad_com

Writer:Toni-Ann Kelly Instagram: @Miss_TKelly

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3414699409?profile=RESIZE_710xJamaican entertainer Vershon has demanded an apology from authorities after he was refused entry to Bermuda when the weekend concert he was scheduled to perform in was cancelled.

A spokesman for the 28-year-old, whose real name is Kemar Vershawn Brown, said he was told at the LF Wade International Airport that, due to the cancellation of the BDA Summer Music Festival, his work permit was “null and void” and he would not be allowed to enter the country as a tourist.

“While we understand that Vershon needs a work permit to work on the island … the artist still had the legally required documentation to visit the island as a tourist, which was ignored,” the spokesman said.

“It's unfortunate that those who seek to bring positive publicity and aid in the economic development of Bermuda's tourism sector are refused entry even with the proper documentation.

“The artist, who is a brand ambassador for reggae-dancehall music, is owed an apology for the way it was handled.”

The BDA Summer Music Festival was scheduled to be held at Snorkel Park in Dockyard last Saturday, but was cancelled at the last minute because of immigration-clearance problems.

However, Azia Toussaint, a New York City-born rapper and reality TV star who was also scheduled to perform at the concert, was allowed in and blogged about her time in Bermuda in glowing terms.

Speaking to the Royal Gazette newspaper on her return to New York, Toussaint, 28, the daughter of a Haitian mother and Trinidadian father, said: “I loved Bermuda! The beaches are beautiful, the caves adventurous and the people so kind.

“It's definitely a place to visit.”

The National Security Ministry, which is responsible for immigration matters, did not respond to a request for comment.

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3406660207?profile=RESIZE_710xRecently dancehall’s former first lady, D’Angel released a song that is being hailed as a possible ladies anthem and ladies summer song for 2019. The song ‘Decent Whine’ is an ode to the proverbial good pussy. With lyrics like “To how it good, man affi talk. So mi light up, inna di dark. Decent whine and turn him on, him say it sweet so mi cyaa keep calm.” it’s no wonder why every girl will be whining and singing to D’Angel’s Decent Whine.

Less than a month ago, D’Angel followed up the single release with the video to the new track and what a video it is. The video seemingly shot in a warehouse or storage facility, shows D’Angel walking up to a caged up and chained up muscle man, entering the cage and having a very steamy, sweat riddled sesh with the hunk of a man. The colour theme of the video being black, white & skin made it translate to a more steamy time on video. And oh there were dancers in the video, good dancers, matter of fact, great dancers, but D’Angel’s Decent Whine on that hot bodied man stole the whole show. The video has racked up close to 70,000 views on Youtube in less than a month and D’Angel expects it to go a lot further.

Speaking to the Mad A Road team recently D’Angel said, “The song is burning up the radio as well as trending on social media as new female ringtone. Every girl loves it and I knew that would happen and that’s why I did it. It’s a song for the ladies.” She continued by saying “My new songs and my fashions go viral constantly so obviously what we're doing here at Angels Production is surely working.”

D’Angel also gave us a little insight into what she has coming up on the horizon, “I will be going off to Cayman this weekend, I will be live in concert, then I will also be heading to Nashville for a show. Then head back home for my participation in Mission Neahlis, which is an annual charity concert which will also feature Hollywood actress Vivica A. Fox. I am really looking forward for that as fans can come and experience the stronger side of D'Angel. I'm also busy in the studio working on new material so keep your eyes and ears open world.

Instagram: @madaroad_com

Writer:Toni-Ann Kelly Instagram: @Miss_TKelly

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3367250180?profile=RESIZE_710xEntertainer Keshan was shot and killed in Old Harbour, St Catherine early Saturday, the police have confirmed.

Keshan, whose real name is Kenneisha Brown, was known for songs such as ‘Bubble Yu Body’ and ‘The Goods’, which she recorded with incarcerated dancehall star Vybz Kartel.

According to the police, the 24-year-old entertainer who resided in Marley Mount, Old Harbour, was shot and killed shortly after midnight during a dispute with a licensed firearm holder in an area known as Sharper Lane.


The Old Harbour Police report that during the dispute she threw several stones into the licensed firearm holder’s car before stabbing him several times.

According to the police, the man discharged one round from his firearm which hit her in the upper body.

The entertainer reportedly died while undergoing treatment at hospital.

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3321739125?profile=RESIZE_710xIn summer 2017, Grammy nominated Devin Di Dakta was featured on the band Electric Guest’s summer jam ‘Oh Devil’ with an unforgettable and characteristically dancehall hook. Fast-forward two summers later and ‘Oh Devil’ hits 37 million streams on Spotify, which is a major feat for any local artiste let alone a dancehall artiste. The Mad A Road team caught up with Devin Di Dakta to get some feedback on this his latest achievement.

On hitting 37 million streams, the young artiste said “It's a huge milestone for me as only a few Dancehall artiste reached this amount of streams.” Devin continued, “Having 37 Million Streams on 1 song is great for me because that means my name "Devin Di Dakta" has been exposed to 37 million or more people worldwide and that is kinda mind-blowing.

Devin attributed the success of the song to the fact that is geared to a wider audience than the traditional dancehall reggae audience. “The song is an alternative song with a dancehall hook, I think it's the type of audience that the song is exposed to that made it so successful. The vast majority of the song’s audience are persons who listens to Alternative/Rock/Pop and the continuous listenership through playlists etc. has contributed to making the song so popular even 2 years after the release.” said Devin.

Devin has a few singles that are slated to be released this year. Even though the young artiste isn’t really focused on doing an album or EP, he admits that he is working on finding that single that will be a sure hit and talk of the town. He expressed, “I’ve been spending more time in the studio creating new music to be out soon, not doing any major shows this summer, I’m just focused on creating the best music, I also have some upcoming collaborations which are to be watched out for as well.” Devin expressed that he would love to hit another 37 million streams on another song.

Check out Devin Di Dakta in Electric Guest’s ‘Oh Devil’ VEVO:

Instagram: @madaroad_com

Writer:Toni-Ann Kelly Instagram: @Miss_TKelly

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3281900849?profile=RESIZE_710xDancehall artist Vershon brings togather some of Dancehalls biggest names (and one social media sensation ) in one party in his latest track titled "Dancehall Party" , The track is fetured on the Osmosis Riddim and is produced by Hungry Lion Records  ( check out track inside )


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