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3281900849?profile=RESIZE_710xDancehall artist Vershon brings togather some of Dancehalls biggest names (and one social media sensation ) in one party in his latest track titled "Dancehall Party" , The track is fetured on the Osmosis Riddim and is produced by Hungry Lion Records  ( check out track inside )


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3238068386?profile=RESIZE_710xRecently dancehall artiste Versi took to Instagram LIVE to address a few things involving the artiste and the Unruly Boss Popcaan. The deejay had a lot to say, starting off with an unnamed unscrupulous producer who dropped a previously recorded track without informing him and calling it a Popcaan diss.

Addressing the matter Versi said “If unnu nuh see mi new song dem drop pan Versi VEVO page, annuh new song. If mi aguh diss Popcaan mi call name! Unuh know my style. Mi nuh hide mi ting

Versi went on to say that the song in question was voiced from 2017 and is a bad song, one that he wouldn’t mind hitting the streets. He said his songs are not time sensitive as their relevance is not transient. However he doesn’t want any clout chasing producers to be catching waves from his coat tail. Versi expressed, “Mi  nuh wah no man a ramp wid mi career, mi nuh wah no man a drop no song tru him hear me utter a likkl ting and dem a try get a hype, a dem producer deh mi a talk bout.

He went on to talk about how many producers have voiced him as an artiste and hold on to his music, waiting for the proverbial hype to release them. He then asked on his live, what was the point of voicing him in the first place if this was the intention. Versi accused big established producers and young producers alike of the same pattern.

He then went on to speak of a recent scenario where he voiced for a popular producer, who initially loved the track given, but linked him back a week after voicing to let him know that someone from Popcaan’s Unruly camp was now on the riddim project. The producer let Versi know that he was going to do a joint project with the Unruly camp and they (Unruly) don’t want him (Versi) on the riddim.

You see when some man do dem ting deh, it hurt we yes, and we can make other steps but we haffi make the fans dem know weh a gwaan ‘cause dem try dem ting yah wid me all the while.” said the artiste on his IG LIVE. He very strongly suggested that the Unruly Boss Popcaan was messing with his career when he said “Some man a ramp wid mi career!” stating that incidents like these are the reasons why his fans haven’t been hearing much from him since the start of 2019.

He went on to say that he invests heavily in music and himself as a dancehall artiste and what he has done with the track is taken it and built a riddim for the track in his studio as music is his life and he has been doing it from a very young age and showed around his studio in the live video.

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Writer:Toni-Ann Kelly Instagram: @Miss_TKelly

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3237106342?profile=RESIZE_710xJamaicans are complaining about the heat this summer and none said it better in a song than Third World with their international hit ’96 Degrees in the Shade’. Summer 2019 has cued a different kind of heat from emerging artiste Ras Ajai who has dropped a real banger on the Dutty Rock Production/Money Matters Entertainment newest riddim release, The Callaloo Riddim. The song, aptly titled ‘Di Ras Hot’ is a fresh take on the age old dancehall staple ‘man a gyaliss’.

The Mad A Road team touched base with the emerging artiste recently in his hometown of Portmore, St. Catherine to hear what he had to say about his new music and riding the upcoming wave of success.

Mad A Road: How is it being a hot emerging artiste in dancehall given the growing popularity of 'Di Ras Hot' in the street and in radioland?

Ras Ajai: Well I can say that it is a blessing thus far. Seeing how people respond to it (Di Ras Hot) is crazy. We never expected it to be so quick but I swear I'm thankful more than anything else because the people say a now enuh.

Mad A Road: How did the song come about, what was the inspiration for the track?

Ras Ajai: The song came about by us being at Dutty Rock Studios and Suku (Ward 21), myself, News and some others were at the studio vibing to the riddim. Suku, being the genius that he is belted out "dem no see di ras hot him have about a dozen gal over Kencott."  The song just developed from there, when he (Suku) heard what I had come up with a couple minutes later he was in shock as he never believed it would have been completed so fast.

Mad A Road: What is it like as an emerging artiste working alongside the likes of Sean Paul & Chi-Ching-Ching?

Ras Ajai: It is one of those surreal moments when you gotta pinch yourself to believe that Sean Paul's considered family to rahtid. (Laughs Out Loud) Ching a mi bredda, I've been around Ching from my days of being mentored by Dean Fraser and Tarrus Riley. Tarrus had a song with Ching which Jordan from Chimney Records produced; I was in that video hahahaha... so yuh know we cool longtime.

Mad A Road: What's on the horizon for Ras Ajai?

Ras Ajai: Well I'm about to mix down my debut EP which boasts projects with Dutty Rock Productions, Money Matters Ent. which is also my management team, Banx and Ranx, Picante Music and Blacq Sheep Music to name a few. The ones will have to stay tuned enuh!

Mad A Road: What are you most looking forward to being in the music industry?

Ras Ajai: Jah Jah! Being able to tour the world and have people listen to my music is the greatest blessing that can be afforded unto me.


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Writer:Toni-Ann Kelly Instagram: @Miss_TKelly

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3213853238?profile=RESIZE_710xWhen a representative from Clarks Originals contacted dancehall artiste Jahvillani last Thursday expressing appreciation for his single ' Clarks Pon Foot', the 'Wileside' artiste immediately recognised it as a major endorsement.

"Mi affi feel good fi see seh them recognise the work being put out," Jahvillani, whose given name is Dujon Edwards, told The STAR.

Saluting the artiste's work, the iconic shoe brand reposted the official video for the song and endorsed it as the "summer anthem". The post received more than 28,000 views and 500 comments in less than 24 hours.

Jahvillani told The STAR that given the reach of Clarks in the global market, the endorsement now exposes him to a wider audience.

"We nuh really wah discuss nothing yet, but just look out; big things are coming," the artiste said.

The 24-year-old newcomer has been making waves on the music scene with tracks such as Wileside Government, Nuh Reason, and the one that has brought him massive attention from the international brand, Clarks Pon Foot.

Similar to Vybz Kartel's 2010 hit song Clarks, Jahvillani's Clarks Pon Foot celebrates the much-loved footwear.

"Me a wear Clarks long before Kartel sing bout Clarks, and up to now a bere Clarks me wear. A just my beat that, so me just decide fi do a song bout it," Jahvillani said.

The official video for the song, which was released a week ago, has been viewed more than 600,000 times on YouTube.

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3199645962?profile=RESIZE_710xDutty Rock Productions, the label owned by International Jamaican music sensation Sean Paul recently released its second riddim project the ‘Callaloo Riddim’ in collaboration with Money Matters Entertainment.

The seven-track riddim which was release on Friday, June 14th has already racked up an impressive amount of streams on Spotify and has had two of the tracks featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday (Sean Paul’s Genna Level and Charly Blacks’ Ganja). Sean Paul’s ‘Genna Level’ got over 100,000 streams within 24 hours of being released and the music video for Chi Ching Chings title track ‘Callaloo’ has gotten over 100,000 views within seven days of being released on Youtube.


The big names aren’t the only ones that are enjoying the success of this project, emerging artistes Sotto Bless and Ras Ajai’s songs ‘Trendin’ and ‘Di Ras Hot’ respectively, have been blowing up the airwaves in Jamaica and are favourites of a few international disk jocks.

The Mad A Road team spoke with the label to get a little bit of background info on the Callaloo Riddim. Sean Paul explained “Callaloo Riddim came about one day News (Dutty Rock’s label manager/MME CEO) was in the studio playing some riddims that they were playing around with and Sotto Bless heard it and said,  "Wait play dat again". He immediately started spitting some dope lyrics that transformed into his song, which was initially meant to be a single track for Sotto.” He continued “One day Ching heard the riddim and said he has to jump on it, out comes his song Callaloo, which is actually the title track for the riddim.

The Callaloo Riddim features seven tracks from Dutty Rock’s head honcho Sean Paul, the label’s protégé Chi Ching Ching, 90’s dancehall heavyweights Spragga Benz & Delly Ranx, Trelawny’s very own Charly Blacks and new-comers Ras Ajai and Sotto Bless.

Dutty Rock’s Label Manager and Money Matters Entertainment CEO, Brooklyn News stated, “The riddim was first supposed to be named Trendin’ but there was already a riddim released with the same name so we went with Callaloo. After the first two tracks were laid (Sotto’s Trendin and Ching’s Callaloo), there was no stopping the other artistes from coming onboard”.

The riddim is already making waves in the musical space and the team is looking forward to even more success, according to News, as they have not yet rolled out their summer promotion plans. News says that the Dutty Rock Team and artistes involved are gearing up to take on the summer with their new music.

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3181804892?profile=RESIZE_710xRecently, dancehall star Chi Ching Ching, who is fast rising to international fame, released the visuals for his song ‘Top Boss’. The song was release last December on his debut album ‘Turning Tables’ which was a part of Jamaica’s internationally acclaimed dancehall icon Sean Paul’s Triple Play Launch. Chi Ching Ching’s album release was accompanied by Dutty Rock Production’s ‘Gang Gang Riddim’ release and Sean Paul’s Mad Love EP release.

According to the song’s producer, Money Matters Ent. CEO, News, the video was shot in Canada on a whim and it worked out perfectly. “The songTop Boss’ was produced by Money Matters Ent. for Chi Ching Chings Turning Tables album. The song has more of a hip-hop origin than dancehall, which is outside of what the artiste is known for. That’s what makes it stand out as Ching is actually rapping on the track instead of deejaying.” he said.

We were in Canada and Kieran Khan the video director just said let’s do a video and someone suggested doing ‘Top Boss’, before we knew it we were shooting a high-end type hip hop video with all the cars and the big fancy mansion.” News continued.

The team was able to pull out all the stops for the video, accumulating a million dollar mansion, some high-end cars which included Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsche and a topless Mercedes Benz putting a heavy price tag on the production. The video was shot on location in Hamilton, Ontario Canada and saw Ching doing his characteristic dances on high rise rooftops, driving around in fancy cars and even had a cameo of the Dutty Rock Production’s top boss Sean Paul and Money Matters Ent. CEO Brooklyn News.

Never shoot a video like this to date honestly. Everything clean, crisp and look international.” said the artiste, Chi Ching Ching. “It was like taking mi ting to a new level for me, and we want to go higher and higher and higher. We a unlock new levels everyday.

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Writer:Toni-Ann Kelly Instagram: @Miss_TKelly


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3152227360?profile=RESIZE_710xDancehall’s most successful group Ward 21 is gearing up to take on Europe as a part of their 20th Anniversary in music celebrations. The Mad-A-Road team caught up with the group recently in Jamaica to talk about what’s been happening and what’s on the horizon for the trio.

The group outlined that they will be performing on venues all across Europe this summer and spoke very briefly about their upcoming album.

Europe is a hub for music festivals in the summer and doing European Music festivals has always been a staple for Ward 21” says Mean Dawg, one of the members of the dancehall group.

Suku added “Europe has always showed us mad love every time we touch down on the soil. We have been performing to large crowds in different cities across Europe since we have been in the business, so it just makes sense that Europe is a part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations. We love them and them love we.

This year, Ward 21 will be performing on Rototom Sunsplash which will be held in Spain in August, Overjam Reggae Festival in Slovenia and Reggae Jam Festival in Germany just to name a few.

Rototom Sunsplash is arguably the largest reggae/dancehall related music festival in the world. Since inception the festival has been known to attract thousands of reggae/dancehall lovers from all over the world. The weeklong festival will be held August 16 – 19, 2019.

Cunly pitched in to let us know that we should look out for a brand new album that they will be dropping in October of this year. He said, “Whole heap a things coming as a part of our 20th Anniversary Celebration, we have new music, remixes of old favorites and some wicked collaborations coming up, so stay tuned.

Instagram: @madaroad_com

Writer:Toni-Ann Kelly Instagram: @Miss_TKelly


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3084197788?profile=RESIZE_710xSupreme has just officially unveiled teasers for its upcoming collaboration with Jamaican dancehall and reggae great Buju Banton.

As for the Supreme collab as reported by streetwear and fashion magazine hypebeast,  there’s no official word on a release date or specific's on their collaboration but the recent photo hints that this could be an artist photo tee as seen in previous versions with other musicians who’ve fronted Supreme realeses . Stay-tuned as we get more official product imagery and actual release date.

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3044206168?profile=RESIZE_710xAnother name coming from the famed dancehall alliance known as the 6ix is Salt Spring native Daddy 1.

Armed with a story and catchy chorus lines, Daddy 1 says he is ready to prove himself lyrically loyal to the 6ix and worthy to dancehall fans worldwide.

Daddy 1, given name Adrian Bailey, is the youngest member of the alliance, next to Bobby6ix, brother of frontman Squash.

"We grew up together in Salt Spring and ever since then Squash has been like a brother to me, and in 2016 him give me a chance to start do music," Daddy 1 shared.

The 20-year-old says he received the name from his mother.

"From them hear the name, them say it different and all that was left to do was show that I am different; I always knew I would get a buss because my style is different and because of the love and determination I have for music," he told THE STAR.

The newcomer has already released more than five tracks in 2019, some of which he said, "Like Next Level, Custom, Out Here and Anthem are attracting dubplate business from selectors and sound systems as far as Japan; although new to this, money can be made."

He said that people have become more curious about him since hearing that the 6ix will be on Reggae Sumfest.

"Dem want to know what this young deejay bringing to the stage but it's a great feeling to even know we going be at this event, and me want the people know me have it under control," he said.

With a personal style Daddy 1 describes as 'cool and deadly' in the way he dresses and how his lyrics are constructed, he believes there is potential for a Grammy as a trap-dancehall artiste.

His most recent release, Women's Empowerment, is a female anthem and possibly one that will have females, new and old, in the music industry going wild.

Daddy 1 gives respect to his own mother Shelly, while in the same breath 'bigs up' artistes and disc jockeys like Shenseea, DJ Sunshine, Koffee, and Jada Kingdom, for being independent.

"Ah just two girl me hear ah talk weh never even know me a Daddy 1, and me squat ah listen and one a dem say she don't want no man unless them say 6ix and me go write the song Anthem - is just music," he explained, "and the females deserve it once them a put in the work."

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3033226234?profile=RESIZE_710xDespite the appearance of a controversial video which would certainly suggest that he has embraced the gay lifestyle, veteran reggae and dancehall artiste Eek-A-Mouse is emphasising that he has not.

However, he says that he is using the video as a way of apologising for all the homophobic artistes in Jamaica.

"Gay!" he said with a loud laugh. "No man, me a gallis. As a matter of fact, the more gay man you have, the more woman fi we straight man."

In the video, which surfaced yesterday, Eek-A-Mouse is seen waving a rainbow-coloured, gay pride flag and singing a ditty which speaks to love.

This behaviour left many persons to speculate that the Jamaican entertainer had 'come out of the closet' and is no longer hiding his sexuality.

But Eek-A-Mouse told THE STAR that it is simply a case of him "showing love for everybody, including those who have chosen a different lifestyle."

"I am bringing back the love in reggae music. And I am showing the world that me nuh have no fear," said the singer, who made his acting debut in the 1991 gangster movie, New Jack City. "A lot of gay people love and support reggae music. I go to Brazil and the promoter is the prettiest girl you could ever see. She looks like Miss World, but when you check it out, she's a man."

The Schizophrenic artiste stated that gays, lesbians and transgender people are all part of the human race.

"As Bob Marley say, ' Every man have a right to decide his own destiny'. Gay and lesbian people are very influential and have the money to spend. Them say that Jamaicans are homophobic, but I am showing them that I am not. A lot of them (members of the LGBTQ community) come to my concerts," he told THE STAR

But why would Eek-A-Mouse, whose given name is Ripton Hylton, choose now to dress in drag and make a spectacle of himself online?

The artiste made mention of an upcoming concert at the Geneva Arena in Switzerland, which will see him sharing stage with headliner Buju Banton, as well as Etana, Richie Spice, and Major Mackerel.

"Buju Banton a di biggest thing right now. But Buju had to take down him Boom Bye Bye song off the Internet. Buju create history, and I will be performing with him on July 31. It will be a big show," he said. "I am apologising for all the homophobic artistes in Jamaica."

Via social media, Buju recently reiterated that he has distanced himself from the views expressed in the infamous song that was recorded.

He has not performed the song since 2007, when he signed the Reggae Compassionate Act. The act was drafted in 2007 as part of the Stop Murder Music campaign, a human-rights groups coalition which advocates for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders.

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Dancehall artiste Spice now has an MTV Movie and TV Award under her belt. The MTV Movie & TV Awards on Monday night celebrated the best on-screen work of the last year.

Spice's win came courtesy of her role in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, as the Vh1 hit show was crowned Reality Royalty.

Meanwhile, Netflix had 14 nominations for its TV shows and films, including Bird Box and To All the Boys I've Loved Before, both of which won awards for Most Frightened Performance and Best Kiss.

Best movie went to Avengers: Endgame, Best Show is Game of Thrones, Best Performance in a movie went to Lady Gaga for a A Star is Born and Best Documentary is Surviving R. Kelly.

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It has been almost a year since Vybz Kartel's appeal hearing ended. And although the deejay's fans are anxious to hear a verdict, they will have to wait a while longer.

"We have to wait for the Court of Appeal to hand down their judgement. We have not been told by them that it is ready, so we continue to wait," Vybz Kartel's attorney, Valerie Neita-Robertson, told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"I plan to go and enquire next week," she added.

When asked about Kartel's health, she revealed that her client "is receiving adequate medical attention."

"They take him out of the prison from time to time to receive medical treatment, and he is under ongoing medical care," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Kartel, the self-proclaimed 'World Boss', has had a number of medical episodes since being imprisoned. These incidents have seen him being hospitalised, and they have also sent his Gaza fans into a panic. The most recent episode was in March, when reports emerged that he had been taken to the University Hospital of the West Indies for treatment.

At that time, Neita-Robertson said that he had not been feeling well for a few days and had been treated at the hospital. He was discharged soon after.

She also confirmed that Kartel is suffering from a thyroid problem. However, at the time, she said that there was no cause for concern about her client's health.

Meanwhile, Bert Samuels, the lawyer for one of Kartel's co-accused, Shawn Storm, noted that the 11 months wait is "totally normal", and he continues to wait patiently.

"We are under so much pressure from the client, but we want the court to give us a good judgement, so we do not take on the court," he said.

When asked if he had any idea when the Court of Appeal would hand down a judgement, he declared: "None whatsoever."

He added, however, that his client is "very anxious to be vindicated and believes that he has good grounds for his appeal."

Samuels continued: "He is hoping that his appeal will be allowed, and there will be no order for re-trial."

The appeal for Vybz Kartel and his fellow murder convicts got under way in the Court of Appeal last year July.

Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, and his co-accused Shawn 'Shawn Storm' Campbell, Kahira Jones and Andre St John, were convicted in 2014 for the 2011 murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams.

Kartel was ordered to serve 35 years before being eligible for parole. Campbell, Jones and St John were ordered to each serve 25 years before they become eligible for parole.

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