Mr. Vegas Declares Himself One of Dancehall’s Greats — And We Agree!

While the late 1990s dancehall scene saw the rise of numerous iconic acts, few have stood the test of time with as much vibrancy and passion as Mr. Vegas. Although he might not always bask in the limelight as some of his contemporaries, he’s adamant that his tracks are testament to his indelible mark on the genre.

“In my heart and through my music, I know I’ve etched my name among dancehall’s legends. The records are there for all to see,” Mr. Vegas shared candidly during a sit-down with the Observer.

Now 49 and still ardently immersed in the world of music, Mr. Vegas doesn’t shy away from celebrating his legacy, a sentiment vibrantly evident in his recent release, God Out (Enuh). This track mirrors the vivacity of past chart-toppers like Tek weh Yuhself, I Am Blessed, and the renowned Pull Up—which even captivated global artist, Pitbull, for a sample.

In God Out (Enuh), he reflects on his divine-guided musical journey, a trip that catapulted with Head High in 1997. This breakout single didn’t just garner attention from prestigious outlets like Vibe magazine, but it also echoed internationally, notably in the UK and Billboard’s R&B charts.

A string of hits like Nike Air, Hot Gal Today alongside Sean Paul, Sweet Jamaica, Do You Know, and the dance floor favorite, Bruk It Dung, have consistently stamped Mr. Vegas’s lasting mark over three decades. A crowning jewel in his career was his collaboration a decade ago: the remix with global sensation Beyoncé, Standing in the Sun. This partnership, which graced her Platinum Edition album, undeniably attests to Mr. Vegas’s international resonance and gravitas in the music sphere.

Dropping on his birthday, September 29, his latest offering encapsulates his philosophy. “Engaging, soulful music doesn’t need to wade into risqué territories to truly touch listeners,” Mr. Vegas opined.

Taking up the mantle of Mr. Vegas, Clifford Smith was naturally drawn to music, an affinity he shared with Carlton Smith of The Tamlins. His initial singles, like Jack it Up and Latest News, laid the groundwork for what would bloom into a legendary career.

And while some critics might be swayed by fleeting controversies, Mr. Vegas stands firm, attributing his longevity to authentic talent and the ability to evolve. “Tracks like I am Blessed still reverberate globally. Staying relevant means constantly evolving,” he remarked, referencing his diversifying collaborations with Latin and French artists.

Reflecting on his expansive journey, Mr. Vegas’s enduring impact on dancehall remains crystal clear. With his unique concoction of unforgettable beats and authentic storytelling, he unquestionably ranks among the giants of dancehall.