Nadg Unveils Highly-Anticipated Music Video for Global Dancehall Smash ‘We A Run E Grung’

The wait is finally over for fans of rising dancehall sensation Nadg as the much-anticipated music video for his viral TikTok hit, ‘We A Run E Grung,’ premiered Thursday, June 1 at 2 PM. This electrifying track, produced by the dynamic duo of Seanizzle and Dj Genesis, exploded onto the scene in January of this year and quickly became a social media sensation with the birth of the #WeARunEGrungChallenge, initiated by the Xclusiv Dancers. The challenge generated an astonishing 100 million views and close to 10 million likes, propelling the song to the top of the Apple iTunes and Billboard Reggae charts.

Nadg shared his thoughts on the journey of the song: “It’s a joy to witness the incredible success of ‘We A Run E Grung’ in such a short period. Shooting the music video was a great experience for me, and now I can’t wait to see the reactions and witness the song’s continued journey with the added visual element. The outpouring of love and support I’ve received locally and internationally over the past six months has been overwhelming, and I look forward to its continuation.

Directed and produced by Acroscopic Studios, led by the visionary Rickroy Williams, the ‘We A Run E Grung’ music video is captivating and matches the infectious energy and global impact of the viral hit. With a cinematic depiction of the city’s inner streets, the video aims to enhance the powerful and energetic rhythm of the track, providing an authentic visual narrative that perfectly complements Nadg’s raw vocals. The gritty urban backdrop amplifies the song’s edginess while also serving as a testament to Nadg’s deep connection to his roots in Waterhouse, effectively grounding the hit in the vibrant realities of street life.

The video features popular local dancers such as Pata Skeng, Snow, Sara Bendii, Energy, Expensive, and Monster Boss, to name a few. These dancers are known for their energetic and infectious street dance styles, and their presence adds an exciting dimension to the video. According to the director, “It highlights the abundance of talent that emerges from the streets of Kingston“. The music video aims to captivate viewers with its powerful fusion of the track’s irresistible charm and a visual celebration of inner-city culture, talent, and resilience. This mesmerizing combination of music, dance, and imagery promises an experience that is as infectious as the song itself.

We A Run E Grung‘ has captured the attention of audiences across the globe thanks to its clever use of a classic hip-hop sample intertwined with Nadg’s impeccable lyrical finesse. Initially produced by the phenomenal dancehall hitmaker Seanizzle and London’s own DJ Genesis, the remixed version of the track caused a sensation, encouraging listeners worldwide to join in on the dance challenge. From its humble beginnings on TikTok, ‘We A Run E Grung‘ has since dominated the airwaves of radio stations across the USA, with notable support from Ebro at Hot 97. Its popularity has extended to Canada, Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, and various Jamaican radio stations and street dances. The track has also garnered significant backing in the UK from influential tastemakers such as Ras Kwame and Shayna Marie (Capital Xtra), Davda (Kiss Fresh), Shortee Blitz (Kiss FM UK), as well as Seani B and Nadia Jae (BBC Radio 1Xtra).”