Patoranking Teams Up with Popcaan for Sizzling Summer Anthem ‘Tonight [Watch Now]

The acclaimed Nigerian artist Patoranking has joined forces with Jamaican star Popcaan to create “Tonight,” a catchy blend of dancehall and Afrobeats guaranteed to heat up the summer months.

Patoranking, a respected figure in the African music scene, is cementing his reputation as a leading contemporary voice with his latest single, “Tonight.” Collaborating with Popcaan, a prominent Jamaican artist, Patoranking skillfully melds his distinctive feel-good sounds, Afrobeats, and dancehall into a lively summer hit. The track is a teaser of his upcoming fourth studio album, “World Best,” set to be launched later this year.

“Tonight” enthralls listeners with a captivating rhythm that’s impossible to resist, encouraging them to join the dance floor as the powerful bass drum echoes. The fast-paced beat, crafted by DJ Breezy, borrows from the well-loved galala genre, a music style birthed in the Nigerian slums, marked by a fusion of reggae and dancehall. Popcaan’s input on the track echoes Patoranking’s call for an untroubled existence full of merriment, women, and weed, reflecting themes often found in the works of the Jamaican Unruly Boss.

In the accompanying music video, directed by Charlie Sarsfield, Patoranking and Popcaan, along with a bevy of women, gather in a grand mansion in the English countryside, promising a memorable evening.

The essence of “Tonight” is simple: shed your reservations, avoid overanalysis, and surrender to natural instincts. Assisted by Jamaican dancehall icon Popcaan, the track forms a perfect party soundtrack, with catchy organ melodies and a compelling beat. It is worth mentioning that the song employs forward-thinking elements in its percussion, including trap snare rolls and the occasional Amapiano log drums as intriguing accents.

In a media release, Patoranking expressed his aspirations for “Tonight” to dominate as the summer’s anthem. He stated, “‘Tonight’ is your ultimate summer hit, a universal feel-good tune that compels you to dance. Collaborating with my brother Poppy and Ghana’s DJ Breezy, who also produced my successful single ‘My Woman, My Everything,’ was a no-brainer.”

Patoranking’s eagerly awaited album, “World Best,” is named after the affectionate nickname given to him by his fanbase. The song compilation resonates with a theme of love for humanity, reflecting the affection and adoration he has garnered under this esteemed epithet. The album’s celebratory ambiance validates Patoranking’s role as a proponent of human beauty, making him a worthy bearer of the World Best title.

Sharing his excitement, Patoranking commented, “I am ecstatic about my upcoming album because I am in an amazing phase of my life right now. My fans should expect nothing but quality music that promotes the celebration of love and life. I’ve also arranged some unexpected collaborations, but the specifics will be disclosed later.”