Popcaan to Appear in Court After Festival Incident

Reggae star Andre ‘Popcaan’ Sutherland is heading to court on January 10. This comes after a bit of trouble at his Unruly Fest in Yallahs, St Thomas last month. Things didn’t go as planned, and now he’s facing several charges.

The festival ran over its scheduled time, leading to a clash with police. Popcaan is accused of misbehaving, using bad language, talking harshly to the police, threatening them, and not following noise rules.

The event was supposed to end at 4:00 am but went on till 5:00 am. When police intervened, Popcaan got upset and argued with them.

Now, this incident has sparked discussions about music festivals in Jamaica. It’s highlighting the struggle between enjoying music events and sticking to the law. Popcaan’s case is a clear example of the challenges artists face when their events and the law collide.