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[Audio] Beenie Man - 'Think Mi A Simma' | Mavado Diss |

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The Gully God Mavado might have accidentally restarted a feud with the "King of Dancehall" Beenie Man because of a line from one of his recent song titled "Money A Di Right Ting",

Beenie Man seems to have taken this line ( "Better them go simmer like the doc" ) from the song as a diss towards him and is now firing back hard at Mavado in a new track called 'Think Mi A Simma'. Beenie holds nothing back in the track going after Mavado for being a rapper groupie and  government informant among other things

Beenie Man - 'Think Mi A Simma'    | Mavado Diss |

Mavado - 'Money A Di Right Ting'  (Song That Started It)

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