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6762271689?profile=RESIZE_584x#1. Govana - Likkle Bit a Money (Official Music Video)

Well Govi is definitely familiar with the WINNER’S CIRCLE! #1 on Youtube Trending is where he turned his newly released ‘Likkle Bit A Money’ into Wul Heep A Views, over 625,000 views in a week to be exact. “1 mil Jamaican, dat a stripper money” according to the H.A.M.A.N.T.S artiste, we are just want to know what the catch phrase is going to be when he hits 1 million views next week.




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4431571288?profile=RESIZE_584xSikka Rymes has sounded a warning to fellow artiste Intence on his new track. The song titled Dem Nuh Bad is aimed at the Go Hard deejay who Rymes believes passed his place in responding to a post made by the account of incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel.

"I don't know how it start, but him seh something bout mi daddy, and mi jump inna the war. Kartel questioned if some artistes were buying views on YouTube, and some man tek it up on dem head and style di Teacha bout some man mus guh a dem bed. So

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