Mad RE:Views GoldGadHub by Gold Gad

7152598301?profile=RESIZE_710xThere is not a week that goes by that dancehall newcomer Gold Gad isn’t trending. Whether on Youtube with his videos or on Instagram with his Quarantine-Radio-Esque live streams, Gold Gad definitely knows how to keep them talking. Just last week he released his new song and video ‘GoldGadHub’ which has been trending #2 on Youtube since the day after its release with almost 500,000 views. The song produced by J-Nexx Production and video shot by LoneWolf Filmz chronicles the happenings of a Gold Gad live instagram stream.

During lockdown (aka quarantine), the artiste started hosting a live show on his Instagram page which sees many girls calling in to shake their asses, boast about their sexual prowess among other things, just like the famed Quarantine Radio curated by rapper/singer Tory Lanez. We understand why this particular situation became the inspiration for a single.

The video begins with a skit of 2 friends preparing to watch the GoldGadHub live stream. Further in the video, also separately preparing for the main event are a mother and her teenage son (played by Jamaican comedian, Prince Pine). Pine attempts to borrow his (young & hot) mother’s phone charger to which she refuses, saying she has to go to church with her church sisters (lol).

With the likeness of an actual Gold Gad live stream, the like hearts going up, ½ naked girls shaking their asses, comments and the works and Gold Gad start’s singing.  GoldGadHub is seemingly an international sensation; the girls on show are from countries all over the world, not just Jamaica. That makes us wonder if these are actual clips from the artiste’s live streams. Gold Gad is sitting in a bed surrounded by scantily clad females dancing. One thing we give Gold Gad props for is ‘image’, as the girls were wearing ‘GoldDadHUB’ crop sweatshirts, which are the perfect PornHUB knock off prop.

The comedic value of the video also gets props from us, the 2 friends watching the live had an experience where one of the ass shaking girls stepped out of the phone after they fumbled it and it started to glitch. Their friend, who was cussing them about watching the live, was caught in the bathroom fapping away to the very live stream he was bad-mouthing. Not to mention a teenage Prince Pine and his young and hot mom. Prince Pine drank a bottle of disinfectant after watching his mom twerk for the camera to thousands of ‘GoldGadHUB’ fans… wayments is not an accurate description of this situation, but we LOVE it!

We rate the video a 9/10 the concept of the video is fresh, fun, the props are well placed and the comedic value is through the roof. We would have however loved it if Prince Pine’s young mother didn’t actually look younger than him, make up and some grey hair could have done the trick. Continue trending Gold Gad! 


Written by: Toni-Ann Kelly Instagram: @madaroad_com Instagram: @Miss_TKelly