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Dancehall artist Sikka Rymes believes he is being targeted by law enforcers because of his affiliation with incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel. The entertainer, whose birth name is Javian Chambers, told THE WEEKEND STAR that he was taken into custody for questioning on Wednesday, and says he has lost track of the number of times he has been dragged into custody as a person of interest over the past few months.

Sikka Rhymes said that he was on his way to visit Vybz Kartel in prison to drop off food when he and some friends he was travelling with were pulled over by the police in Spanish Town. The entertainer said that the law enforcers searched the car and found nothing, but insisted on taking the men to a holding facility in Twickenham Park for questioning.

"Almost every day we go Spanish Town because yuh done know a deh so him (Kartel) deh, and we pass dem police deh every day. Dem stop we, search up the car, nothing nuh inna di car, and dem still say dem a go take weh di man dem," he said.

"The officer tell me say is either me drive behind the police van or 'me call a wrecker and dem take weh yuh vehicle'. So me go so, bang, and a drive behind dem because me say: 'Anything unuh say, me a work wid it.' Dem start to talk bout we a person of interest and then dem start to start talk bout Sikka Rhymes a Vybz Kartel cousin, and then dem start ask some questions weh me really and truly mi nuh know nothing weh dem a ask bout."


The entertainer said the police kept asking him about Vybz Kartel's address and told him that if he didn't cooperate they could hold him for up to three months. He explained that after a few hours of questioning, he and his friends were released. However, the artiste wants police to stop taking him in without good reason.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted the Spanish Town police, they said they were unable to disclose information regarding exactly why the entertainer was brought into custody. However, they explained that under the state of public emergency currently being carried out in the St Catherine North Police Division, police are obligated under law to take anyone into custody if they believe he/she is a persons of interest. When asked to explain what exactly that meant, the police said the phrase encapsulates many things, and added that if the entertainer believes he is being unfairly targeted, he should file a report with the Independent Commission of Investigations.

However, Sikka Rhymes just wants to be left alone.

"Dem nuh tell we why dem a bring we in. Every minute dem lock me up and process me, every minute," he said. "Dem just need fi leave me alone because me nah do nothing. Dem never yet find me a do nothing when dem see me inna the streets. Dem just need fi leave me make me go do me business."

Sikka Rhymes, who is on a shortlist of persons approved to visit the 'Worl Boss', says he believes he is being treated unfairly by police because they believe he is the one carrying out orders on behalf of Vybz Kartel.

"From police see me, the resemblance of the two a we draw dem attention. Is not the first, fourth, fifth or sixth time police a do dis, and it always have to be about Vybz Kartel. Dem say me a don, and a must me a run off the place now, because a me a get the orders dem because a me a see him."

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