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Vybz Kartel Gets Ready To Launch West Bank Shoe Line

Vybz Kartel a.k.a Addi Di Teacha is making yet another power move in the Dancehall Game. On the heels of the success of the Clarks hit song, he has once again joined forces with business manager Corey Todd to create a West Bank shoe company, that will design, create and produce shoes which fit Vybz Kartel’s unique sense of style.

“We have the "West Bank" shoe coming soon courtesy of the Unlimited Daggering company which is owned by Corey Todd and I,” Vybz Kartel told one876.
The awesome ability of Vybz Kartel to market products has been proven with the outstanding success of the Street Vybz brand which has moved major units since coming out last year, and in the words of one marketing insider, “made rum sexy for young people again”.

“Retailers have always expressed their gratitude to me for "hyping" their products from jersey days, remember ah me sell off jerseys in Jamaica back in the day -- until now. So this is a natural progression for me…to do my own products and my own shoe.”

He did not reveal if the shoe line would be exclusively sneakers, formal dress shoes or casual shoes.

source one876ent

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