Reggae Artist Yaksta Unhurt but Shaken After Multi-Vehicle Crash in Germany En Route to Berlin Show

Reggae artist Yaksta has offered reassurance to his supporters after being involved in a traffic mishap on a German highway this Good Friday. Despite enduring some discomfort, he assures everyone that he’s generally in good condition.

While on their way to a performance in Berlin, Germany’s capital, Yaksta and his crew found themselves in an unfortunate situation.

“To be honest, my lower back and shoulder are giving me a tough time. I was seated near the bus’s window when we got hit, causing the bus to smash into a wall. The cold air also gave me a bit of a sore throat,” Yaksta shared.

He provided a detailed account of the incident, saying, “We were driving along the highway when suddenly our bus was struck from behind. This collision caused the bus to veer off, hit a wall, then bounce off it and crash into a barrier.”

The accident involved multiple vehicles, initiated by one car losing control and causing a chain reaction.

“The car that hit us had been struck by another, and then a woman driving another car got involved. While our vehicle suffered less damage, we ended up with more injuries,” he explained.

The crash involved four vehicles in total, including a black wagon, a BMW, and an Acura, with the latter only experiencing a minor scrape. All involved were treated and released from medical care, although their stylist did suffer facial injuries. Yaksta also noted that he had filed a police report and had a medical examination.

Yaksta is touring with the Reggaeville Easter Special, delivering performances in cities across Germany—Cologne, Munich, Berlin, Dortmund, Hamburg—and in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Easter Special features other notable artists like Anthony B and Eek-A-Mouse, along with a UK band. With plans to headline Bush Fest in the UK, Yaksta continues to share his reggae and dancehall rhythms with fans throughout Europe.