Rising Reggae Star Yung Lion Makes a Splash with “Lion Up” EP Launch

In the vibrant heart of Kingston, at the TGL Lounge, the music scene buzzed with excitement as Yung Lion, the fresh face of Reggae, unveiled his debut EP “Lion Up” recently. The event wasn’t just a launch; it was a celebration of new talent embraced by both by local and international entertainers alike.
Yung Lion, at only 19, is rapidly carving a niche for himself in the music industry on a global scale. His EP launch party was well attended drawing in a mix of industry insiders, fellow musicians, and media representatives including Mad A Road.

The event was studded with notable figures from the music industry like PR King Karl Durrant, TV Producer Kevin Jackson and Black Butterfly Media’s leading lady Toni-Ann Kelly. Also in attendance were influential street promoter Ghetto Bomb, and veteran sound system icon from Geefus from Stone Love. The presence of Ninja Kid and the UK-based label owner of 425 Records highlighted the international interest in Yung Lion’s career.

Speaking about the overwhelming support received, Yung Lion shared, “I feel honoured and happy because the outpouring of support was tremendous, which goes to show that quality music with positive content is still appreciated. Nuff respect to all the artists that showed support and to my team that put the whole thing together. It was a great vibe.

The young Reggae Singjay took to the stage at around 11:30 PM and delivered a performance that was very captivating and solicited an enthusiastic response from the audience. The lineup of performers earlier in the night set a high bar, with energetic acts from notable artists like Chi Ching Ching, Accid, King Calie, and several others, who all pulled out the stops to amp up the crowd before Yung Lion’s much-anticipated performance.

“Lion Up” is now making the rounds on all major digital platforms, delivering a fresh wave of Reggae tunes to enthusiasts worldwide. Adding to his growing repertoire of achievements, Yung Lion is also gearing up for a major milestone—his debut performance at Reggae Sumfest 2024. There, he will share the stage on international night with legends like international R&B superstar Babyface and reggae icon Beres Hammond, a fitting follow-up to his successful EP launch.
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