Sean Paul Identifies Masicka as the Leading Force in Dancehall

In a recent interview with Billboard, dancehall icon Sean Paul highlighted Masicka as a key figure shaping the future of the genre. “Definitely Masicka,” Paul stated, praising the young artist for his innovative wordplay and fresh musical style. He credited Masicka’s rise to fame to his compelling tracks like “They Don’t Know” and “Stay Strong,” and noted his albums “438” and “Generation Of Kings,” both of which made significant marks on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart.

Paul, who has collaborated with Masicka on the track “Everest” from his 2021 album “Live N Livin,” also acknowledged other artists like Skillibeng for their contributions to the genre. He applauded Skillibeng’s vibrant energy and Skeng for his distinctive voice, although he expressed a desire for more thematic diversity from Skeng’s music.

Reflecting on the raw, unrefined talent of these artists, Paul drew a parallel to the early days of rock and roll, recalling the unpolished energy that defined the music of pioneers like Chuck Berry. He expressed his admiration for the current generation’s ability to maintain the genre’s core characteristics while innovating.

In discussing his own enduring relevance in the industry, Paul credited his connection with fans and a diligent work ethic. He explained that for every hit song, numerous other tracks never make it to the public ear. He also emphasized the importance of listening to his audience, particularly women, who have inspired some of his more romantic tracks amid the genre’s often rugged landscape.

The conversation then shifted to Paul’s role as a mentor, where he shared insights on guiding newer artists like Chi Ching Ching and Quan-Dajai Henriques, the latter known for his role as young Bob Marley in the “Bob Marley: One Love” film. Paul underscored the value of mentorship in navigating the complexities of the music industry and fostering emerging talent.

Sean Paul remains committed to influencing the dancehall scene not only through his music but also by supporting the next generation of artists, ensuring the genre’s evolution and sustained popularity.