Sean Paul on TikTok’s Impact and Advice to Byron Messia & New Artists

Jamaica’s dancehall superstar, Sean Paul, discusses how TikTok has played a pivotal role in introducing his timeless hits to a new generation, even as he consistently held the limelight.

Sean Paul, who has had us grooving since the early 2000s with hits like “Get Busy” and “Temperature,” is witnessing Gen Z on TikTok delve into his classics. Many young users are posting videos attempting to decode his “Get Busy” lyrics, while others confidently belt them out.

Speaking with Distractify, the reggae icon shared, “In terms of TikTok, I’m still not adept at it. I’m learning its nuances. Regardless of platform trends, the soul of my career has always been the music.”

While platforms like TikTok may come and go, for Sean Paul, the foundation of music remains the same. He believes, “It should always start with the music.” As contemporary artists like Davido nod to Sean Paul’s enduring influence, he remains rooted in the essence of his craft.

Continuing his mentorship, Sean Paul shared a recent interaction with rising star Byron Messia of “Talibans.” He advised, “While lyrics are crucial, it’s the melodies that resonate and linger. Focus on creating melodies that people can’t help but sing along to.”

In sum, for Sean Paul, the secret sauce for longevity in the music industry goes beyond trending apps. It’s about creating unforgettable melodies that transcend time.