Serani’s ‘No Games’ Achieves Gold Certification in Germany. Marking Another Milestone for the Dancehall Hit

In 2008, the singer-producer Serani released “No Games,” which has now achieved gold status in Germany.

The Federal Music Industry Association (Bundesverband Musikindustrie or BVMI) recently confirmed in their 2023 report that “No Games” surpassed 200,000 sales, awarding it a gold certification. This isn’t the song’s first recognition; it was certified platinum by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) in the previous year for exceeding 600,000 units.

Serani, in a chat with Jamaica Observer’s Splash, expressed gratitude for the continuous honors his song has garnered. “Knowing I’ve achieved what seems unreachable for many artists is a reminder of why I persisted. It encourages me to dream bigger and believe in myself even when others might not,” Serani commented.

“Unfinished Business rhythm” featured the hit track, which dominated local charts before making its way to US urban radios. Serani’s debut album, also named “No Games,” was launched by Phase One Music/Rockstone Media in 2009. This album ranked #77 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and #3 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart.

Reminiscing about the song’s creation, Serani said he never anticipated its massive success. “Back in 2007/2008, I just believed any song I crafted well had a solid chance of becoming popular,” he reflected.

Describing the recording process, he shared, “Jordan McClure from Chimney Records was my recording engineer. I often record without memorizing the lyrics, reading them off my phone instead. The tune, words, and voice modulation would come to me in pieces. Jordan’s guidance on vocal delivery was invaluable. The session is still fresh in my memory.”

Beginning his journey as a musician, Serani later dived into music production. He played a key role in Sean Paul’s 2005 Grammy-nominated “The Trinity,” even co-producing the Billboard hit “We Be Burnin.”

For Serani, “No Games” was transformative. “It opened international doors for me, allowing me to travel globally and connect with diverse audiences.”

In 2020, the iconic rapper Eminem sampled “No Games” in “Farewell,” a track from his best-selling album “Music to Be Murdered By.”