Shenseea Discusses Same-Sex Relationships in Her Music, Reveals She Released ‘Curious’ Knowing it Would Stir Controversy, Cookbook and Announces Upcoming Album Release

Shenseea, the acclaimed Jamaican singer, recently defended her portrayal of same-sex relationships in her music and music videos. Responding to critics during a recent podcast interview with Angela Yee on Way Up With Angela Yee, she emphasized the importance of personal liberation and the freedom to express oneself.

“Are we still even speaking on this? Just stop! Let it go,” she said in response to the ongoing backlash. The artist was referencing her latest single, Curious, which explores same-sex encounters, a subject she previously touched on in her song Blessed.

“It’s getting so annoying now… You know this ain’t nothing new and I do represent for women, period. I love women. I love men, I love women… I just like to represent for people who can be themselves and be free. Do anything you want to do. That’s what I represent,” she added.

Curious was released on April 13 and has since gained nearly 5 million views on YouTube. The provocative music video, produced by London on Da Track, Fred Ball, and Jamaicans BEAM and Dunw3ll, is indicative of Shenseea’s bold style and diverse thematic exploration.

Meanwhile, Shenseea also addressed critics who question her ambition to be an “international Pop singer.” Instead of backing down, she urged naysayers to keep an open mind and wait for her upcoming sophomore album, which she revealed is nearly 90 percent complete.

“My dream is to be a singer… I think it’s really unfair because you can’t judge me if you haven’t heard what I’m about to do…I love Dancehall, but this is also something that I love over here. You can’t judge and you haven’t even heard it yet…you probably even love it more than anything I’ve ever done—more than my first album,” she retorted. The album will include her recent hit, Curious.

Strategic planning has become an integral part of Shenseea’s career. She admitted that she and her team have become more intentional in guiding her musical journey, even scaling back on performance frequency to ensure quality over quantity.

“Now, it’s really about strategy and less is more now… I would do even a one show for the month or two months when it counts… I was releasing songs every three months. Now? It took me two years and y’all just getting two solid singles from me…I can definitely see why we had to do that and just with my releases too,” she stated.

Long-time co-manager Romeich Major, along with Shenseea, have made adjustments to this new approach, and she expressed more comfort and trust in her team’s decisions.

“Before, I was very impatient… we’re both adjusting to the new team…For now, I’m more comfortable with what they’re doing because I can see that it’s actually paying off. Now, I definitely trust them more on certain decisions.”

In addition to music, Shenseea revealed her interest in culinary arts during the interview. She plans to publish a cookbook, showcasing her passion beyond the microphone. The release of her controversial single Curious was also a calculated move to incite conversation and reflection among her fans.

Shenseea also gave fans something to anticipate, mentioning that her new album is expected to drop around September. Given her candid discussion on her artistic direction, personal liberty, and ambitions, there’s no doubt that the upcoming album will continue to push boundaries and showcase her versatility and more importantly deliver an album that can keep her fanbase happy unlike her debut Album “Alpha” that failed to live up to the hype .

check out the full interview below .