Singer Mon Chérie Accuses Vybz Kartel of Stealing Her Songs and Giving Them to Renee 6:30

In a startling revelation, St. Lucian singer Mon Cherie has alleged that Vybz Kartel, a pillar of Dancehall music, has been distributing songs she originally wrote for collaborative projects with him to other artists, notably Renee 6:30.

Rising to prominence with her 2017 hit “Gates of Heaven,” Mon Cherie has shared a history of collaboration with Kartel. This partnership began as early as 2015, evidenced by songs like “Bay Bay” and the 2016 track “Can’t Say No,” which featured on Kartel’s ‘King of the Dancehall’ album.

However, tensions now mar their once harmonious relationship. Mon Cherie expressed deep dismay, suggesting Kartel has repeatedly “played” her by distributing her crafted pieces to other musicians.

She conveyed her sentiments through an impassioned statement: “Everybody is aware of the depth of my admiration for Kartel, yet I feel repeatedly let down by him. Many fans inquire about our future musical ventures, and sadly, this situation is the current state of affairs.”

In a heartfelt open letter to Kartel, Mon Cherie bared her anguish. “Dear Vybz Kartel,” she began, “From day one, I feel you’ve played me. It deeply saddens me to see songs, into which I’ve poured my heart and soul, now with artists like Renee 6:30.” She then alluded to “My Own World,” a song by Vybz Kartel featuring Likkle Addi & Renee 6:30 from 2021, claiming she originally penned and recorded it.

She continued, emphasizing her dedication and sacrifices for their mutual work: “I’ve invested immensely in our collaborations—time, passion, and even financing studio sessions and video productions both in St. Lucia and Jamaica.”

Highlighting the disparity she feels, Mon Cherie added, “While artists like Rihanna and Beyonce have stalwarts like Jay Z, and Nicki Minaj has the backing of Young Money, I believed you were my pillar. I sense a preference in you towards Jamaican artists. I’m left questioning if my St. Lucian origin plays a role.”

She also shed light on the informal nature of their professional agreement, attributing its laxity to Kartel’s incarceration. Nonetheless, she had anticipated professional courtesy and faithfulness from the Dancehall legend.

In response to fans advising her to safeguard her intellectual rights and reconsider sharing her demos, Mon Cherie accentuated that the broader issue might lie with Kartel’s management, considering his ongoing medical challenges and legal battles.

Reacting to detractors, she defiantly stated in a subsequent post, “Facing incarceration thrice amidst hardened criminals, no online intimidation can faze me.”

The situation remains charged, awaiting a response from Vybz Kartel or his team.