Spice Expresses Gratitude to Life-saving Plastic Surgeon, Responds to Doubtful Fans: “No One Is Obligated to Accept My Story”

Renowned dancehall artist Spice has praised an Atlanta-based plastic surgeon for saving her life after a close call in the Dominican Republic last year.

The 40-year-old Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star shared details of her harrowing experience on Instagram, explaining how Dr. Nicholas Jones, a celebrity plastic surgeon, was among the medical professionals who helped save her life after she was transported to Atlanta from the Dominican Republic.


“I know my story is long, but I’m just so grateful to still be here,” the “So Mi Like It” singer expressed in her Instagram post. “I have to keep showing gratitude and this one is a big-time THANK YOU to this surgeon who accepted me in Atlanta when I had my near-death experience in the D.R., and my case seemed so hopeless.”

Spice recalled walking into Dr. Jones’ office in Atlanta, where he remarked how alive she looked compared to her condition in the hospital last year after her brush with death.

The singer revealed she underwent multiple surgeries in a two-week span after returning to Atlanta to treat a sepsis infection that had developed after a hernia. Dr. Jones performed another surgery on her immediately upon her arrival in Atlanta due to the severity of the infection.

“So, I basically did three surgeries in two weeks. @drnipandtuck, thank you for walking me through this entire ordeal until I’m now healed,” Spice shared in the post.

In a follow-up Instagram post, Spice emphasized her gratitude for her second chance at life, despite some fans doubting her story. “I’m not forcing anyone to believe my story. Y’all know where the unfollow button is. I alone know what I went through, and I won’t stop giving GOD ALL THE PRAISE,” she wrote in the post’s caption.

Last month, Madaroad reported that the dancehall artist had dispelled pregnancy rumors following a series of Instagram posts that led many to believe she was expecting. Instead, she celebrated her renewed lease on life after her near-death experience between October and November 2022.

Spice expressed her desire to be “open, honest, and vulnerable” with her fans after a lengthy break from social media. The accomplished entertainer also addressed rumors surrounding her health and the botched plastic surgery procedures she underwent in the Dominican Republic.

The “God A Bless Me” singer recently announced that new music is in the pipeline. Her upcoming single, “Queen of Dancehall,” is set to be released on April 11.