Spice’s All-Female Dancehall Riddim Receives Enthusiastic Support from Fellow Artistes

The Dancehall Queen’s Latest Project Aims to Advance the Position of Women in the Genre

Kingston, Jamaica — The recent announcement of Spice’s all-female dancehall rhythm has been met with excitement and support from fellow dancehall artistes, who believe it will help promote the position of women in the industry. Historically, dancehall has been dominated by male artistes, but with Spice’s groundbreaking initiative, the genre may see a shift toward greater inclusion and representation.

Pamputtae, who appeared on Nicki Minaj’s Fine9 remix of Skeng’s “Lickle Miss” alongside Spice, Dovey Magnum, and Lisa Mercedes last year, has already expressed her eagerness to join the project. “A nuh if nor but, mi a guh deh pon it,” she said, adding that the idea of an all-female rhythm is music to her ears. “Honestly, people have been waiting on these things over the years, so I feel good. … It is going to be epic!” she exclaimed.

Spice, the reigning queen of dancehall, has invited any female artistes interested in participating in the all-female rhythm to reach out. Reggae dancehall artiste Tanya Stephens responded positively to the proposal, commenting on Spice’s post that she was ready to record her song.

Up-and-coming artiste Monifa Goss also expressed her desire to be part of the project, praising Spice for her efforts to uplift fellow female artistes. “I think it is a powerful movement for females, especially coming from the queen herself. I must commend her for always trying to push another female artiste,” Monifa Goss said. She recalled Spice giving her the opportunity to open a show for her Captured mixtape in 2019, emphasizing her admiration for the dancehall queen.

With Spice’s all-female dancehall rhythm project garnering support from both established and emerging artistes, it is poised to make a significant impact on the genre and help advance the position of women in the dancehall scene.