Spice’s Frosty Adventure: Watch the Dancehall Star Tackle Dog Sledding in Canada, Crossing It Off Her Bucket List

Renowned dancehall artist and reality TV personality, Spice, recently embarked on an adventurous journey to the wintry landscapes of Calgary, Alberta, a trip she documented on Instagram. Alongside her, joining in the frosty escapade, was Yandy Smith, her co-star from “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.”

Spice’s Canadian adventure was more than just a casual trip; it was a significant check-off on her bucket list. However, the artist quickly realized that the Canadian cold was a formidable adversary. Despite being prepared for a chilly experience, the frigid temperatures in Calgary proved to be a surprise.

Taking to Instagram, Spice shared her dog sledding experience with her fans. In a playful post, she humorously lamented the cold, adopting an American accent and jesting about being in Jamaica ready to hit the beach, only to reveal her snowy surroundings.

The post, accompanied by the caption “Bucket list getting smaller but I’ll never do this again,” encapsulated the mixed feelings of the experience. While Spice was thrilled to mark off an item from her bucket list, she humorously vowed never to repeat the freezing adventure.

Throughout her escapade, Spice candidly expressed her discomfort with the cold, noting her inability to feel her fingers and toes. She openly wondered how people could endure living in such extreme cold conditions. Despite the challenges posed by the climate, Spice embraced the quintessential Canadian experience, showing off her resilient spirit and sense of adventure.

The artist’s unique blend of humor and honesty in her posts showcased her charismatic personality, resonating with fans and followers. Spice’s Canadian journey, particularly her dog sledding adventure, not only marked a personal achievement but also offered a glimpse into her lively and adventurous spirit.