Steve James Showcases Women of Reggae-Dancehall at Art Basel Miami Exhibit

In a groundbreaking display at the Art Basel Miami Beach event, scheduled for December 7-8, renowned photographer Steve James is dedicating his exhibit to the women of the reggae-dancehall genre. With over 25 years of experience, James is shifting focus from the genre’s male-dominated scene to its talented women artists.

The exhibit will feature a range of emerging and influential female figures in reggae, including Lila Ike, Shenseea, Spice, and Koffee. This marks a significant move to balance the scales in a genre traditionally overshadowed by male bravado and machismo.

Reggae star Koffee

James, known for his extensive work with, emphasizes not just the art of photography but the meticulous process of photo editing, archiving, and metadata addition, ensuring each image is perfectly curated before release.

Steve James (left) with Kabaka Pyramid (centre) and Copeland Forbes.

Joining him on opening day are David Muir, Roy Sweetland, Ranking Levy, Ellen G, and Jik Reuben in the “Let There Be Reggae” segment, a consistent favorite at Art Basel Miami Beach. This exhibit not only showcases James’ exceptional talent but also serves as a platform for recognizing and celebrating the vital contributions of women in reggae-dancehall music.