Strictly 2K Levels Up: From Retro Party to Stellar Music Festival with Tifa and Jah Vinci Headlining

Once a throwback party, Strictly 2K is now stepping up its game by morphing into a full-fledged music festival, setting a higher bar for music enjoyment in Jamaica. The man behind this remarkable transformation, Ibrahim Konteh, Director of Marketing, shed light on this evolutionary journey, saying that the metamorphosis of Strictly 2K into a music festival reflects its overall growth and current standing.

Konteh stressed that the transformation is not merely a change of label but extends to how the event is run. To exemplify this, he revealed that the upcoming festival would be graced by two star performers, Tifa and Jah Vinci, a move that has already garnered much positive attention.

Scheduled to return to its familiar ground, Mas Camp in Kingston, on May 26, Strictly 2K continues to offer its fans a fun-filled event that encourages comfortable dressing and dancing to tunes from the early 2000s.

Making this transition smoother is the backing of Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum. A favorite among Strictly 2K fans, it has re-emerged as the title sponsor for the party series, boosting the overall experience for attendees. Pavel Smith, J. Wray & Nephew Ltd’s Marketing Manager, described the event as a celebration of a “fun era”.

The second installment of the news discloses that dancehall stars, Tifa and Jah Vinci, will be taking the lead at the Strictly 2K event slated for May 26. Konteh views the involvement of these artists as a pivotal decision, given their considerable influence on the music of the 2000s.

Konteh acknowledged Tifa’s substantial impact, referring to popular tracks like “Spell It Out,” “Dash Out Move Ya Body,” and “Matie Wine,” which resonated widely with fans. Similarly, Jah Vinci has been credited by Konteh as a powerful voice from the 2000s era.

Music for the event will be provided by Heavy D Chromatic, Kurt Riley, Copper Shot, and ZJ Chrome. Konteh further highlighted Strictly 2K’s appeal, attributing it to the event’s dedication to its roots and its unwavering commitment to delivering on its promises to attendees.

In the spirit of the 2000s, attendees are encouraged to don their best retro outfits while soaking in the best music of the era across different genres.

Ibrahim Konteh extended a warm invitation to the public to attend Strictly 2K, citing it as a fantastic opportunity for music lovers to dance all night and relive the dancehall, hip hop, and soca’s golden era, all while making unforgettable memories at an affordable price.