Super Cat, Dancehall’s ‘Don Dadda’, Alive and Thriving, Dispels Death Rumors

Super Cat, the lauded ‘Don Dadda’ of dancehall, is very much alive and well, despite unfounded rumors of his demise. The celebrated deejay’s road manager, Jimmy Thomas, moved quickly to dismiss the speculations, confirming that Super Cat is currently in Atlanta and preparing to travel to New York.

Super Cat, born William Anthony Maragh, has been the lifeline for many a party with his iconic sound. As the ‘Wild Apache’, he emerged as a pioneering force during the late 1980s and early 1990s dancehall movement, introducing a grittier edge to the genre.

Rumors of his death created an unexpected buzz among his fan base. Thomas expressed his disappointment in the unfounded gossip, saying that some people appeared to be leveraging the situation for social media attention, leading to an unnecessary panic among fans.

However, fans can now breathe easy. Super Cat is expected to meet up with Thomas, who is currently in Canada, later this week in New York. In a playful nod to the rumors, Super Cat’s manager stated, “Super Cat has nine lives… perhaps he’s already spent six of them.”

Recently, Super Cat delivered a memorable performance at this year’s BET Awards ceremony, which honored hip-hop titan Busta Rhymes. The ceremony notably coincided with Super Cat’s 60th birthday on June 25th.

Super Cat’s discography is rich with early 90s hit singles like Don Dada, Ghetto Red Hot, and Dem No Worry We with Heavy D. His list of albums includes Si BoopsDeh! (1985); Sweets for My Sweet (1988); Cabin Stabbin (1991); The Struggle Continues (1995); and Take 2 (2003), highlighting his influence and staying power in the dancehall scene.